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Apple Sues »

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In corporate legal news, Apple Inc. has sued Inc to stop them from what Apple says is the improper use of Apple’s APP STORE trademark.

California was the setting for the lawsuit filing late last week which basically states that Amazon has improperly used Apple’s APP STORE mark to solicit software developers in the US.

Even now, the APP STORE registering by Apple is meeting contention at the trademark office as Microsoft has been battling it. Apple’s reps are stating that they’d asked Amazon not to use the name as it would confuse customers as well as mislead them.

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AT&T Selling Assets For T-Mobile Deal »

It looks like a fire sale for AT&T as they may be forced to sell off some major profits and expand services to the poor to get the final okay from the federal government to finalize it’s $39 billion buyout of Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile which would make it larger than it’s competitor Verizon Wireless.

It could take some time, maybe a year and a half for the merger to be done as the regulators, competition, and critics will have to be convinced the deal isn’t in the anti-trust end. If finalized, AT&T will have around 130 million customers total which is about 43% of the market. The FCC and Justice Department may force AT&T to give up some of it’s assets and engage in other practices they see fit as a good show regarding how large the wireless giant will grow.

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Robots Heading To Japan »

Like something from a science fiction movie, actual robots are being sent to Japan with the ability to do search and rescue in the aftermath of the monster earthquake and devastating tsunami which also has led to a nuclear power plant crisis that has the world on the edge of it’s seat.

The robots are called the 510 PackBot and 710 Warrior.

They come from a company called iRobot which is located in Bedford, Massachusetts. The company says that the Japan Ground Self Defense forces or Special Ops requested the robots.

The Japanese are renown for their affection and use of robots in just about every aspect of manufacturing, industry, sports, and entertainment.

The robots mentioned have been put to the test in other serious disasters both natural and man-made The robots can do several things such as accessing areas man cannot, various times of surveillance, carrying heavy payloads and detecting materials and events outside of human perception.

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AT&T Buys T-Mobile »

T-Mobile USA is about to become an arm of the AT&T Inc. as the phone giant has agreed to buy the Deutsche Telekom AG company.

The transaction is in a cash and stock one that is valued at around $39 billion and the acquisition will make the two the largest mobile phone company.
So the company will get $25 billion in cash and the rest in AT&T stock which will be subject to adjustment.

That should give the Dutch company an 8 percent stake in AT&T and will bring in DTE members to the board of directors.

There will be some hurdles to climb regarding the regulatory end as this makes AT&T the primary wireless operator surpassing Verizon Wireless.

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Kindle E-books Page Numbers Added »

There’s joy in Amazon Kindle ebook readers as the newest feature lets readers see the page numbers that correspond to the books they’re reading.

The highly popular book reading gadget has had a software upgrade that includes this new feature.

It has added this feature on more than 10,000 books that also include the top 100 best sellers at their Kindle store.

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Ebook Sales Big Increase »

The internet is showing it’s power once again as the Association of American Publishers released a report that shows ebook sales increased by 115 percent in January 2011 as compared to the same month last year.

This report states that ebooks hauled in $69.9 million in January 2011 alone compared to $32.4 million in January 2010. Sales of hardcover books continue to drop and this shows the shifting market and need for ebooks and ebook reading devices.

Sales of adult hardcover books fell from $55.4 million in January 2010 down to $49.1 million in 2011. Paperback adult books dropped 30 percent in the same time period according to the publishing group. However the report states that sales in the higher education category held on dropping from $387.6 million in January 2010 to $382 million for January 2011.

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