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Japan Earthquake Affecting Apple »

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As the disasters in Japan continue to unfold, companies that depend on the country for manufacturing may soon find themselves in quite a mess as is predicted for Apple Inc. that is looking at a possible shortage of key components for the new iPad 2.

A report released on Thursday states that the newest version of Apple’s iPad tablet come from Japan. Such components as the batter and flash memory are produced there according to a company “IHS iSuppli”.

A statement from the company says, “Logistical disruptions may mean that Apple could have difficulties obtaining this battery, and it may not be able to secure supply from an external, non-Japanese source,”.

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Facebook Comment Button Replaced »

Fans of the global social networking website Facebook may find themselves with a new option when commenting on their friends’ posts. The site has replaced the “comment” button with a new feature that in order to submit their typed comment replies all they’ll have to do is hit “enter”.

This might be a pain if you’re typing and hit “enter” to go to the next line as you may end up inadvertently submitting your post before finishing it. To combat this Facebook has allowed a new “edit” option that allows users to change their comments after posting them.

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Nasa Going After Space Junk »

In something out of a scene from a science fiction movie, NASA is going to attempt to use lasers to blast away space junk that is floating around Earth in orbit as the debris poses hazards to satellites.

The lasers won’t actually blast the objects into atoms but will nudge them out of the way so that they won’t collide and damage expensive satellites needed by agencies here on Earth.

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Allen Wright In Coma »

Allen Wright, the teenager who invented the ‘Note to God’ iPhone app is reportedly in a coma after being struck in the head by a hit and run driver while the youth was crossing the street at Sunrise Boulevard on early Sunday morning according to his father.

The teenager’s friends and supporters are asking for the people who use the popular iPhone app to offer up prayers for him.

His father said, “We believe in the power of prayer,” and added, “Allen needs his idea of A Note to God to work for him.”.

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Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks Bank of America Emails »

In a move that must have officials at Bank of America sitting on the edge of their seats, the infamous hacker group Anonymous lived up to their claims of releasing emails that they say reveal corruption and fraud regarding BofA.

The group sent the curious to the website to get the email files themselves and these emails reportedly show exchanges in late 2010 between employees of the insurance company Balboa which is owned by Bank of America and these emails discuss such things as the removal of files in relation to certain insured properties.

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Japan Radiation Exposure Risk Scares Europe »

Due to the fears of radioactive contamination entering the atmosphere from the damaged Japanese nuclear power plants, people in Finland are making bee lines to buy up as much iodine as they can get their hands on.

They actually ran out of iodine on Saturday and as the fears abated a bit the country was able to replenish it’s stock but now, after a third explosion rocked the Fukushima No. 2 reactor and indeed it’s reported that radioactive steam had escaped, that new stock of iodine may run out again.

Iodine is used because it aids in preventing radiation from entering the thyroid gland.

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