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Facebook, A Relationship Trouble Factor: US Lawyers »

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Can Facebook, the most popular website in history be the cause of family and marital problems?
That’s what experts are saying.

In brief, the American divorce lawyers and academics have teamed up with Middle East analysts in point to the social networking giant as the source of relationship problems and to the extent that even lawyers are demanding their clients’ show them their Facebook pages as part of their proceedings.

A survey attributed to the American Academy of matrimonial Lawyers or the AAML reportedly discovered that four out of five lawyers reported that an increase of divorce cases involved information gleaned from social networking sites in the past five years alone and Facebook is the number one source.

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Extreme Super Moon on March 19 2011 »

March 19 will be the rise of the Super Moon a phenomena that occurs when the Moon will be closest to Earth aka lunar perigee and it will be a new or full moon. These two events have been called a Super Moon.

It’s sure lots of astronomers and folks with the cameras will be out in force to get the best pics and videos of this rare event that happens only a handful of times per century.

As scary as it sounds it’s at least not as bad as an “extreme Super Moon” which is when the moon is at 100% greater mean perigee instead of 90% mean perigee which will happen on March 19.

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Space Crews and Discovery Farewell »

It’s goodbye to the crews of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the team at the International Space Station as the Shuttle is on it’s way to end it’s final voyage after almost 30 years of operation.

Discovery has the record for the most used spacecraft ever and will be mothballed after this mission. It’ will probably be stripped down and put on display at one of the museums so that future generations can have a look at the most expensive workhorse in human history.

The final mission totals 13 days which brings the total time the ship has been in space almost a year if one combines all the hours and days of the past 30 years.

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Facebook $65B Investment »

Facebook is turning into a power all it’s own. The investment firm General Atlantic is now investing in the social media giant and values the network at $65 billion which is a 30% increase from the last big investment in January according to CNBC.

General Atlantic is copping about 2.5 million Facebook shares from former employees of the network giving them a 0.1 percent stake.

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Android Users Victims Of Malware Attacks »

Users of the Android based smartphones got a beating when tens of thousands of them were hit with apps that could take over their phones via malicious software, or malware, that was engineered to steal data or send expensive messages.

In response, Google removed about 55 apps from it’s official Android Marketplace. Luckily it was the alert users and researchers who spotted the malware and wrote to the officials who handled the matter.

These apps looked like the real apps of such programs as games. Users are still up in arms about the issue as Google didn’t handle things as fast as they would have liked.

It’s another example of how vulnerable the public is whenever new software and apps that are released. The crooks out here are very sharp and realized their best tool is that the public in general is unaware of such basic security preventative procedures.

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iPad 2 Announcement: Apple Event Reveals Price & Release Date »

Apple is back on the block as Steve Jobs showed up to unveil the newest iPad tablet called the iPad 2 which is scheduled to ship on March 11.

The features of the new iPad 2 has two cameras, front and back, is twice as fast as the first iPad and is nine times more powerful graphics-wise.

You can expect the usual Apple fan stampede on March 11 when this goodie hits the stores. People went berserk when the first iPads came out and then were all over the place showing them off.

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