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California Now Uses Biometrics On Anyone Arrested »

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It’s like something out of author George Orwell’s classic book “1984” where a totalitarian government watchdogged everything the public was doing as now, California becomes the 9th state to utilize biometrics in identifying people.

They’re upping the ante in cataloging and monitoring personal data to the point that if you get arrested now in California they capture just about every aspect of you in multiple formats from fingerprints to DNA examinations. The way this is turning out is really getting people in the state on edge.

It’s bad enough with the airport screenings and pat downs which have sent some people through the roof but this thing may have finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

There’s no telling what the civil liberties groups are going to do about this as the other news about the new quick DNA testing kits that have come out.

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Astronaut Gets Stuck In Space »

Today an astronaut named Stephen Bowen working in the International Space Station managed to himself stranded in space for half an hour because some robot actually an 800-pound pump broke down.

That’s got to be scary as it’s like something out of a science fiction movie.

Can you imagine what would have happened if R2 D2 had broken down in the middle of the fight where Luke Skywalker was trying to blow up the Death Star? That would be so wrong!

Nowadays we depend on robots for all sorts of things but when they break down we’re left with having to do without them and that can be freaky. There are robots making cars and other big items and they do it day and night. Sometimes they go berserk and years ago some unlucky dude in Japan got killed when a robot arm caught him the wrong way and crushed him. Can you imagine what his insurance company had to say?

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Murder Linked To Abortion In Google Search »

A new “Google Bomb” hit on Friday that linked the words murder and abortion.

Google Bombing is a way that takes advantage of the process by which Google ranks links. The bomb as it’s called alters the way search results respond to queries. In this incident, the word “murder” which shows a Wikipedia definition for the word but then is followed by a Wikipedia definition for the word “abortion.”

Google has taken the steps to protect it’s system against such practices but sometimes these Google Bombs are get past and wreak anywhere from a small nuisance to havoc.

Google New Search Algorithm Goes After Content Farms »

Google tightened the clamp on content farms by changing its search algorithm significantly to weed out stolen or spam-like content that isn’t useful to viewers.

The company said in a statement that the revisions have caused 11.8 percent of search queries to be “noticeably” updated. That means the top two or three search results have changed.

Google insists the have not used data from a recent Chrome extension that lets users block specific sites that annoy them.

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Buffalo Beast Website Went Down »

Sometimes practical jokes can backfire which is what took place with the online news site Buffalo Beast which went offline after publishing a prank phone call that was supposed to be between Wisconsin Governor Scott walker and a Buffalo Beast editor that posed as David Koch.

Paul Fallon, the publisher of the Buffalo Beast reportedly told the Huffington Post that the audio is “absolutely legit”.

The website appeared to suffer from too much web traffic which so overloaded the system that visitors went to an error message instead.

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Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book »

Mark Zuckerberg who is the creator of Facebook has already accomplished more than he ever dreamed and has been featured in a major Hollywood film as well as a paperback novel and now it seems as though that the youngest Billionaire in the entire world is going to have his own comic book.

The comic will apparently be written by Jerome Maida and the illustrations will be from Sal Field. The biographical comic will be 48 pages in length and the title is going to be “Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook”.

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