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Facebook iPad App Rumor »

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Facebook fans are sitting on the edge of their seats as Mark Zuckerberg the head of Facebook has announced that something ‘awesome’ is going to happen next week to the social networking site.

With over 600 million users on Facebook, anything he launches is going to be seen and used by that many people.

Speculation abounds as some feel he’ll be launching features for mobile devices, starting a new search engine, adding live video to posts, who knows what it is but whatever it is, Zuckerberg will make a fortune at it.

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Anonymous Hackers Orlando, Florida War Declaration »

The hacker group known as Anonymous has stated that they’re going to war on the city of Orlando, Florida.

The super tourist spot is the latest target of the international computer terrorist group who say they’re targeting Orlando due to the city officials arresting people for giving out food to the homeless.

The group cited as “Food Not Bombs” was handing out food to the homeless of the area but it’s against the law to do so without following specific guidelines such as hygiene and other issues.

Anonymous took umbridge to this as the mayor of the city also was upset with the way things were being handled and called the group “food terrorists”.

That’s when Anonymous decided to attack.

It may be the undoing of Anonymous though as better law enforcement tools as well as numerous captured members of the group and it’s competition have been gathered around the world.

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LulzSec Hackers Retire »

Another wild upheaval in the world of hacking as the secret hacking group LulzSecurity is said to be claiming to be disbanding and going on to more secretive hacking adventures.

Not surprising as their anonymity is being and has been disclosed for weeks now to the police on a global scale. LulzSec had been running around the web boasting of their attacks on the big corporate and entertainment, and government websites.

Then as the cops started capturing more and more hackers, these criminals started spilling the beans on their colleagues and the house of cards for the hacking community started coming apart.

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Employers Can Dig Internet Dirt on Applicants »

As was predicted by web experts back in the 1990’s, the US’ FTC has approved a company’s desire to search social media sites for your personal information to send to prospective employers.

This means everything you’ve said or done online on these sites could be accessed by this company in order to send that data to employers who want to know what you’re all about. From Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more, this company is going to scour your posts and info and fork it over to any company and that means they might use it against you.

The company is called Social Intelligence Corporation which is using the Fair Credit Reporting Act to do this intrusion and spying.

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PBS Website Hacked »

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Now it’s learned that the PBS website has been hacked again. This is the second time in a month that the popular website that provides culture and educational programs has been hacked.

The hackers seemed to be more problematic than hostile and they got away with some administrative security data like passwords and and user names.

This is more like a nuisance hack than like one of the major hostile attacks on the Sony networks, IMF, CIA, FBI, Sega Network and more.

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LulzSec’s Rival Wants To Expose Group Members »

Begun the Hacker Wars have.

That’s what ‘Yoda’ the little green friend of the Star Wars saga might say after reading this latest story regarding the ongoing battles between the hackers and the authorities but in a twist of fate that is sure to upend the entire battle, rival groups are now at one another’s throats that is sure to be a boon to the international law enforcement community.

In the past year there have been record hacking attacks costing billions of dollars and destroying the lives of the public and endangering law enforcement.

The hackers from the two main groups, Anonymous and Lulz Security have been taunting the authorities and have attacked the CIA, FBI, IMF, and dozens of major corporations putting lives and fortunes at risk.

A sweeping number of successful busts of hackers around the world in recent weeks has opened a hole and with the permission to use deadly force by US authorities and military regarding hackers it was bound to break down the walls.

Now it’s learned that the hackers themselves are at war with one another and soon there will be the biggest arrests of hackers throughout the world.

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