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Facebook New Status Options »

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Facebook now offers users new status options for their relationships.

Users can now tell friends if they are “in a civil union” or “in a domestic partnership.”

Before introducing these new options and offering them in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Australia, they consulted equal-rights organizations regarding the appropriateness of such options.

Molly McKay, the media director of Marriage Equality group stated, “I think it’s important to be able to recognize and describe the legal status of same sex couples. It’s good visibility and good to show everyone on Facebook that same-sex couples exist, and are denied the status of marriage.”

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Motorola Xoom Price »

Shoppers get ready, Motorola’s Zoom now has a price tag, confirms the company’s chief executive Sanjay Jha. Consumers will be pleased to discover that the device is far less costly than most expected.

The Motorola’s Xoom is price tagged at $799 unsubsidized via Verizon Wireless. It’s Wi Fi only version will hit the pocket book at $600. The news on the prices was passed on to Reuters at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona by Mr. Jha.

The launch date of the Xoom wasn’t announced although rumor has it that it might ship this month. Jha also confirmed that his company was highly committed to android.

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Apple Supplier Report 2011 »

A recent supplier report from Apple has revealed quite a few disturbing things about the company, including the fact that it has exploited children to work in its factories doing various forms of mass manufacturing work as well as extremely unsafe working conditions.

The toxic conditions have led to numerous injuries and health issues as well as ten suicides at the Foxconn building which was recently investigated, hence the initial report which was launched to review the working conditions of the supplier.

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Google Chrome Filters Domains Search Results »

Google has recently come out with an experimental extension feature for their web browser “Chrome” which allows users to effectively filter out all of the individual domain name search results in all of the pages.

The company has stated that this new extension is a means of gathering information about companies which they consider to be “undesirables”, so it can fight back against what it has called web spam.

This is a growing problem that has entered the public’s consciousness as of recently with the story about how Google was fooled by JC Penney into spamming millions of users with fake websites the company had made up.

Although the clothing company is not claiming direct responsibility, there is a possibility that they knew what was going on at the time.

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Groupon Super Bowl Ad Pulled »

The executives at the coupon company Groupon recently decided to stop airing some ads that had been created for the Superbowl that were deemed offensive and controversial after the general public saw them.

The advertisements featured Timothy Hutton, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Elizabeth Hurley seemingly mocking important political and environmental issues, causing many viewers to cry for the commercials to be pulled from the air.

Groupon recently showed the advertisements to the public for the first time during the Superbowl.

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JC Penney Spam In Google Search Results: NYT »

The New York Times recently did a piece exposing the search engine giant Google for some recent unethical behavior, allowing the clothing retailer JC Penney to spam search results for a number of months by creating a series of fake pages with specific keywords that people tend to search for.

This is just one of the most recent stories done on search engine optimization and how it can be manipulated by certain companies for their own personal gain.

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