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Obama Kill Switch Not That Bad »

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Since 1997, Susan Collins, a member of the Republican Party, has been the junior senator from Maine.

Collins revealed to Wired magazine that there was a need for a “kill switch.” Just what kind of “kill switch” you might ask…Collins stated that there was a need for legislation that “would provide a mechanism for the government to work with the private sector in the event of a true cyber emergency.

The legislation behind this “kill switch” was advanced through Congress. With a new year comes a new congress.

Therefore, the legislation, which was contested by free speech groups and Democrats alike, must be resubmitted.

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Creationism Pushed By 13 Percent Of Biology Teachers »

A recent collection of data has revealed that around 13 percent of all biology teachers across the nation implement creationism into their syllabus.

The study also revealed that most biology teachers do not actively teach their students about evolution and that a significant number of them encourage the concept of creationism.

A small thirty percentage of biology teachers talk to their students about evolution in a positive tone and the rest try to avoid the subject due to problems with controversy among both students and parents.

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Google Torrent-related Search Queries Censored »

Google has officially taken new steps to ensure that it is harder for users to search for torrent-related queries, so next time you are looking for a certain file you might be out of luck. The search engine company said that it is taking steps towards what it calls making copyright function better on the web.

The company states that with certain autocomplete features the torrent listings will no longer appear, so users will have to put in a little more effort when trying to find torrents.

Although it is true that there are certain websites to go to for torrents, some people still use search engines like Google to find them.

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Google Goes After Site Scrapers With Change In Algorithm »

The new algorithm which Google has come up with is helping to reduce the amount of spam in the search results which people get.

The changes that the search engine company has made are the direct result of criticism which they came under fire for, stating that Google’s search results were too filled with webspam.

There are multiple ways for people who want to rank their spam high to do so and it appears to be working with an increasing number of spam sites getting ranked on top pages.

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Hulu: Cable-like TV Bundle Provider? »

Hulu may be completely changing the way it advertises itself to the public, switching from online provider of TV to something else entirely.

The company is considering charging users for monthly subscriptions in order to access the television shows they offer on the website.

There are multiple company insiders who have spoken to the Wall Street Journal, saying that it is just one of several possible outcomes which the site is considering.

There is no doubt that they want to make money from what they are doing in order to keep things competitive, but nothing is certain as of right now.

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NGP: Next Generation Portable PSP Successor Launch Near »

Sony has announced that very shortly they will be launching the successor to the PlayStation Portable, an incredibly popular mobile gaming console which caught fire once it hit the market.

The latest release from this company will be called the “New Generation Portable” and it will have a five inch OLED display for extra high definition as well as WiFi a 3G networking for those who are looking forward to all the bells and whistles.

The gaming console will have both front and rear cameras as well as GPS locating built-in.

The company has announced that they will be releasing the potable gaming console later on in the year and that they are excited for the public to finally see it.

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