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The AZUI site which provides online services for unemployment insurance issues is currently out of service.

Some of the services provided include help with continued claims, the tax wages system, initial claims and the benefit appeal system. A message posted on the site advises access is expected to be returned shortly when maintenance is completed.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security Website advises those who have not yet entered a weekly claim to use the telephone to file. That may be done through the agency’s toll free number at 1-877-766-8477.

Call 602-417-3800 if in Phoenix and 520-884-8477 in Tucson. Telecommunications services for the deaf are available at 1-877-877-6226.

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Apple 10 Billionth App Download »

Apple just announced that their app store has reached the 10 billion download milestone which they are extremely proud of.

The achievement was published on Apple’s website on Saturday and they said that they are expecting their new smart phone to increase in popularity because of the fact that Verizon Wireless will be a carrier next month.

Since the initial launch of the iPhone in 2007 they have sold millions of them and they have continued their use of applications with the iPad which is essentially a tablet computer with an interactive touch screen interface.

The app store has attracted a number of software developers who are all hoping to achieve the same kind of success that Apple has been able to accomplish in the past.

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Those who use Twitter will want to be on the lookout for an especially malicious worm which targets users of this social networking site. What it does is send out tweets with a link that goes directly back to an antivirus application that is anything but what it sounds like.

The link actually goes to a worm that infects the person’s computer and causes all sorts of problems.

URL shortening has become a problem for people who use many different websites, especially those which are intended for social networking.

Although administrators of websites like Twitter and Pandora’s Box try their best to make sure that such worms and viruses do not become a problem, sometimes it is impossible to stop all of them.

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Larry Page: Google New CEO Replaces Eric Schmidt »

On Thursday, January 20, Google revealed that Eric Schmidt would be stepping down as the company’s CEO. Schmidt was formerly on the Board of Directors for Apple.

He resigned his position with apple in 2009, due to a conflict of interests between Apple and Google. Schmidt had joined the board of directors for Google as chairman in March 2001. In August 2001, he became the company’s CEO.

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Amazon Acquires LoveFilm (Netflix European) »

Amazon has just acquired what is referred to as the European equivalent to Netflix and it is called LoveFilm International.

Although not many people in the U.S may recognize the name, it is extremely popular in Europe and is considered to be one of the major retail giants when it comes to renting movies and TV shows.

While it seems as if there are still some closing conditions being worked out between and the current owner of the website, it seems as though it is going to go through sometimes in the near future. LoveFilm ships to people who live in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the UK.

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John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address: New Google Doodle Logo »

Google is known for honoring various people, ideas, and events with doodles on their front page, and this time it was John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address.

The Google logo changed for one day to honor his speech which reached millions and it is quite interesting how the search giant goes about designing their logos for an event such as this. Although it may not have been an official day, it felt like it for those who use Google.

One of the reasons many people suspect Google of putting the doodles on their front page is because of the fact that Bing does the same thing on a daily basis for competition’s sake.

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