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Apple Earnings 2011 (Q1) »

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Just one day after Steve Jobs announced that he would taking a leave of absence due to medical reasons, Apple released some of the most impressive and shocking sales results for first quarter of 2011.

The total amount of revenue for the company has skyrocketed recently, reaching $26.74 billion for one quarter alone, something which impressed even the company itself.

That is a significant increase in profits, over seventy percent in fact. Net quarterly profit still managed to climb up to $6 billion, trumping any sales records they have ever had in the past by a long shot.

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Final Fantasy XIII Second Game »

Gaming critics were extremely pleased at the long-anticipated release of Final Fantasy XIII which has been in the works for quite some time now.

The game unfortunately was somewhat of a disappointment to many and now they are getting a second chance to rework it so that gamers are a little bit more satisfied with the results.

Despite the fact that the game bombed with a lot of every day gamers, they still managed to move six million copies total which is extremely good for Square Enix which is the game’s developer.

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IBM Supercomputer Jeopardy Win »

The custom made machine that IBM has built called “Watson” is a supercomputer which was able to won the first round of man vs. machine Jeopardy competition in an experiment they have been doing to test out just how smart their creation really is.

They pitted the computer against the lines of Ken Jennings as well as Brad Rutter to see how intelligent their machine is and it is no surprise to the company, it won. Although it was just a practice round for the show, the machine still managed to get more of the answers right.

The Jeopardy contests involving man vs. machine will be taped at the Yorktown Heights Research Center which belongs to IBM and will be available for public viewing from February 14th to the 16th.

The Jeopardy challenge represents the chance to take their computer technology to the next level, raising the bar entirely for their creations in order to make them smarter than ever and able to accurately mimic human intelligence.

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George Bronk Facebook User Hacks Women’s Emails »

Nicci Atchley from Tulsa has almost 4,000 friends and she says that she doesn’t know nearly all of them.

According Tulsa police sergeant Ron Kawano,she is the kind of target which men like George Bronk look for when trying to run scams. Bronk has confessed to using Facebook to hack multiple e-mail accounts and says that he targeted forty women and was able to gain access to their email accounts.

Ron adds that these kinds of cases are not uncommon at all and that he sees them all the time.

Police say that there are too many people who too easily accept friend requests without knowing who they are approving.

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Firefox 4 Beta 9 Update »

The beta version of Firefox 4 is starting to come to a close and the testing results suggest that it will be faster than ever, increasing significantly in speed.

Firefox 4 is reportedly going to focus more on speed than ever before, providing users with an even better and smoother web browsing experience when they are online jumping from site to site.

Firefox 4 beta 9 has moved through a number of testing phases and will soon be ready for release, and there are certainly a number of people anticipating its arrival on the web.

Mozilla has said that they are making some major changes and improvements in the code which should make for a world of difference.
The new and improved browser version will be available for Windows, Linux, and even Mac.

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Myspace Sale Considered »

Things just go from bad to worst for MySpace – earlier in the week it was reported that NewsCorp was seriously considering selling the former social networking website that went belly up because of the overwhelming popularity of Facebook which essentially took its place.

Although at one point NewsCorp believed that MySpace was a great investment because of its success at the time, things have changed drastically in the past year or so, leading them to shift their opinions about the website and whether or not they want to keep it still.

Most people on the web agree that MySpace is pretty much only good for music these days.

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