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Apple 2008 Releases »

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Apple has plans to release some very interesting gadgets in 2008.The company will be launching the 3G iPhone which is a second-generation iPhone.Additionally a modified version of the Apple TV that should include an LCD display will be out next year.Agencies are reporting that Apple will introduce an ultraportable called Flash Laptop,which is a 12-inch Mac laptop with flash memory instead of a hard drive. The Flash Laptop is said to be 50 percent thinner than current MacBook Pro models,and could be introduced at MacWorld for about $1,500.

Cory Ondrejka Leaves Second Life »

Cory Ondrejka, Virtual world Second Life’s chief technology officer has quit earlier today in order to pursue other professional goals.
Ondrejka helped write the computer code that underpins the popular virtual world.
Philip Rosedale, CEO company, said in statement:

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In-flight Internet Service By JetBlue »

JetBlue Airways Corp has launched internet services on their flights today which include only e-mail and instant messaging for the moment.
The company intends to provide high-speed services, such as Web surfing as early as next next year on some flights of AMR Corp.’s American Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Air Group Inc.’s Alaska Airlines.
Panasonic Avionics Corp.,which is a unit of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., has been testing Internet offerings with Australia’s Qantas Airways Ltd. and other airlines are expected to join next year.

Toshiba Makes Flash-based Solid State Drives For Notebook PCs »

Japanese memory chip maker Toshiba Corp announced that it is planning on making flash-based solid state drives for notebook PCs.The chip maker revealed that the solid state drives would range in capacity from 32 gigabytes to 128 gigabytes.Toshiba is hoping that mass produce the 1.8-inch and 2.5 inch flash memory chips will begin as soon as May 2008.

German Battery To Jump-start Electric Car Production »

German company, Bosch has created a lithium-ion battery membrane called Li-Tec that could finally make electric cars available to the wider public.The Li-Tec battery take up 30 percent less volume than those from Toyota and allow you to go three times further for the same weight than French models.A spokesman for the German tool and auto parts company Bosch said:

“The foundations have now been laid for the building of electric cars that also deliver performance”.It’s a step towards totally electric cars.”

The company hopes someone will produce them on an industrial scale.

Facebook Banned In Syria »

Facebook has been banned in Syria because authorities fear that Israeli might infiltrate the Syrian social networks via the Net .Syrians have not been able to access Facebook for more than two weeks.The Lebanon’s daily As-Safir revealed:

That Facebook was blocked on Nov. 18. It said the authorities took the step because Israelis have been entering Syria-based groups.

Syrian officials were not available for comment Friday because of the Muslim weekend.