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Wii Time Prescribed By Therapists »

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Robbie Winget is a therapist who oversees the use Nintendo Wii as physical therapy at Dodd Hall,rehab hospital in Alberta, Canada.
The hospital has been using the Wii for about four months in order to help people recovering from strokes and spinal cord or traumatic brain.
Franklin Perry who had a stroke about three weeks ago and is working hard and using the Wii to rebuild the muscles said:

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Google New Application For iPhone »

Google Inc. is planning on releasing a new application that will provide services such as e-mail, search and calendar into a single interface for the Apple Inc’s iPhone.
The Web leader said that the new application would make it easier to find, use and switch between its services on the iPhone.
Additionally the company is also working to develop new mobile technologies that are faster, easier to use, and available on more devices .
Google’s goal is to replicate its success in desktop computer Web use on mobile phones,nonetheless no date as yet on the availability on this new service.

Nokia’s Unlimited Music Offer »

Nokia’s announcement today to provide unlimited music downloads to its clients is upsetting to other carriers.
The company revealed that it has already signed a deal with record label Universal (whose artists include 50 Cent, Sting and Mariah Carey)that will give customers buying particular Nokia devices unlimited access to millions of tracks for a year and allow them to keep the music afterwards.
Nokia is hoping to seduce the three remaining major international labels, to whom it is already talking.
Nokia’s new unlimited music downloads service will start in the second half of 2008.

Gibson New Self-tuning Guitar »

Musicians are getting a treat this Holiday a new kind of guitar equipped with technology that eliminates the challenging chore of tuning.The Les Paul guitar was developed by German company Tronical Gmbh in partnership with Gibson Guitar Corp.According to the company’s website:

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Comcast CEO Eyes 160Mbps Internet »

Comcast is attempting to provide internet services that can reach up to 160Mbps down / 120Mbps in 2008.Brian Roberts who is Comcast CEO explained :

That service based on DOCSIS 3.0 technology would start rolling out sometime in 2008, and casually noted that it should provide more than enough bandwidth to do multiplayer online gaming.

Additionally the company revealed that it plans on providing at least 20-percent with this service before 2009.

Google Bids For Wireless Spectrum »

Google Inc. has just jumped in the bid for wireless in an upcoming government auction to become a wireless service provider.The Federal Communications Commission is auctioning the 700 megahertz spectrum or C Block (considered extremely powerful) to increase bandwidth for mobile phone and Internet services on.Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman and CEO,released the following statement:

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