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AT&T Confirms 3G iPhone Due In 2008 »

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Apple Inc is set to unveil faster IPhone in 2008 according to AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson.IPhone users will be able to download from the Internet at a faster rate.Randall didn’t say how much it will cost but expect it to be around $599 nonetheless the 8GB iPhone will feature a full 16GB of flash like the iPod touch.

Korean Man Killed By Cellphone »

A South Korean man named Suh was killed after his cellphone battery exploded.
Suh,was found dead at his workplace in a quarry and his mobile phone battery was melted in his shirt pocket (picture above).Kim Hoon, the doctor who examined the body said:

“He sustained an injury that is similar to a burn in the left chest and his ribs and spine were broken,”
“It is presumed that pressure caused by the explosion damaged his heart and lungs, leading to his death.”

The phone’s manufacturer responded that it was highly unlikely.

10 Most Stupid Gifts » came up the 10 most stupid gifts you can offer for the holidays.Making the list was very difficult because there are many dumb gadgets out there,after hard research here are top 10 “stupidest” holiday gifts for 2007.

Continue reading "10 Most Stupid Gifts" Extends Cyber Monday Into ‘Cyber Week’ » is offering holiday deals online every day this week .
The site will propose special prices on 150 items,including an Xbox 360 bundle, which includes Microsoft’s Xbox 360 premium video game console, an extra controller, three games and messenger bag for less than $ is not the only one trying to attract shoppers online this week to spend more of their holiday dollars,,Shopzilla,eHoliday are also in the race.

“999,999,999 in 1 Super Game” System »

China recently revealed the “999,999,999 in 1 Super Game” system.
The super,mega game is said to be equipped with a billion games included, every game you can possibly think of.So far you can only get the “999,999,999 in 1 Super Game” in China,so if you do go there and buy one please let us know that this thing really exists.

Internet Could Overload In 2 Years »

The number of internet users is growing so fast that there is a possibility that providers could be overloaded unless they invest billions of dollars in new technologies according to a study recently released.The great amount of new video and other Websites could overwhelm the Internet by 2010 .Nemertes Research Group explained:

“Our findings indicate that although core fiber and switching/routing resources will scale nicely to support virtually any conceivable user demand, Internet access infrastructure, specifically in North America, will likely cease to be adequate for supporting demand within the next three to five years.”

Maybe we should all move to China and use their cyber cafes.