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Apple Revamp Stores »

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Apple Inc. is trying to revamp some of its retail stores by changing the layout, adding services and increasing its staffing.Last week the company launched a brand new service called “concierge”,in hope of attracting more visitors and increase the already record-breaking sales.Kurt Barnard, president of the Barnard Retail Consulting Group explains:

“Apple indeed does things differently from the rest of the retail gang,””Nothing responds more quickly in attracting consumers than a new experience and a new merchandise assortment,””And Apple has that going for it.”

Apple’s retail chief, Ron Johnson recently said:

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Facebook Ad Program Angers Users »

Facebook users are complaining that the newly added marketing program is publicizing their purchases for friends to see.
Many members of the website reported that they have noticed a small box that appears on a corner of their Web browsers following purchases at Fandango, Overstock and other online retailers.
The box alerts users that information is about to be shared with Facebook unless they click on “No Thanks.”but they can easily miss it if they quickly click away to visit a friend’s page or check e-mail.
Matthew Helfgott, 20, a college student who discovered his girlfriend just bought him black leather gloves from Overstock for Hanukkah said:

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Black Friday Hits The Internet »

The holiday shopping season has officially been launched Thanksgiving day even before the butterball turkey was carved. Many retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Best Buy Co Inc and Circuit City Stores Inc are already offering special deals online today.
No need to wait for Black Friday because Wal-Mart is advertising on its Web site a Magnavox 47-inch flat-screen television for $1,298, while Circuit City offered a Sony Blu-ray disc player for $399.99.

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Amazon Kindle Sells Out »

Amazon e-book reader called the Kindle sold out in 5.5 hours after it was launched although the company will not say how many Kindles it had in stock
Nonetheless the idea of having thin e-book that weighs 10.3 ounces yet can hold some 200 books, along with newspapers, magazines and an entire dictionary with free EV-DO and the visual flair of an Apple IIc was appealing to many people,
According to Amazon’s website the Kindles will be back in stock on the 29th, but availability is first-come, first-served.So hurry up if you want one.

Best Buy Offers Toshiba’s Satellite A135 Laptop For $229 On Black Friday »

Black Friday is just around the corner and Best Buy has just revealed that it will be offering the Toshiba’s Satellite A135-S7403 laptop along with the Canon PIXMA 3-in-1 printer for $229.The Toshiba’s Satellite features :

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Amazon Kindle Launched »

The Amazon Kindle which is a portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers has been launched.
The Kindle eBook reader can access up to 88,000 books including 100 of the 112 New York Times best sellers.
No WiFi needed, Amazon’s Whispernet service is FREE and based on Sprint’s EVDO:
Amazon pays for Kindle’s wireless connectivity so you will never see a monthly wireless bill for shopping the Kindle Store.The gadget also include:

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