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If you are a fan of The Suite Life on Deck, then the Disney Channel sure has some great news for you. This weekend the network has not one ,not two but three brand new episodes for your viewing pleasure.

On Friday the network aired The Suite Life on Deck Season 3 episode 17 called “Twister: Part 1” where London decided to take Bailey to Kettlecorn in order for them to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday, but of course nothing goes as planned during the road trip.

On Saturday January 15th The Suite Life on Deck Season 3 episode 17 entitled “Twister: Part 2” will be broadcast for the fans to enjoy.

In this installment the clan will be faced with a tornado while Bailey will be busy dreaming that she is Dorothy Gale.

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Bank Of America Online Banking Website Down »

Bank of America’s online service suffered a down time on Friday January 14th, 2011.

While some users were able to access a very slow site others complained of receiving an error message as they tried to conduct their usual businesses.

This time around the company has issued a statement explaining the issues and despite the rumors – the site was not hacked by WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange. Here is the statement:

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New Astrology Chart Dates: Zodiac Signs 2011 »

A person can determine their astrological sign using their birth date. Their sign depends on the Earth’s relative position to the sun on that date. The Christian Science Monitor points to the silliness of horoscopes. They point out that the signs were developed nearly 2,000 years ago.

As such, the position of the Earth relative to the Sun on various days has changed significantly over the years. This, in effect, delegitimizes horoscope predictions, which will be all off.

The change in the Earth’s position is due to precession, the process in which the Earth’s axis wobbles. This has increased the Earth’s gravitational attraction to the moon, which is being pulled against the Earth’s equator most directly.

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PS3 Hackers: Sony Goes After Them »

Sony got some disturbing news last week involving hackers that managed to gain access to the PlayStation 3, allowing them to load their own software onto the console.

One of the band of hackers from “fail0verflow” nicknamed pytey who allegedly committed the crime said that there is absolutely no recovering from the recent hack job that was done.

He added that someone is going to be getting in a lot of trouble at Sony for the recent breach which occurred because of the irreversible damage that has been done to the system.

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Direct-Download Sites Linked To Piracy »

A recent study revealed that the most-visited sites for digital piracy are those which provide direct downloads for video files, not Bittorrent websites as was previously believed.

MarkMonitor is a website which specializes in what they call enterprise brand protection, recently released reports of three specific websites which are causing the most trouble:,, and; combined these websites total around 21 billion views each year.

All of these websites yield around 146 million page views every single day and total around 781 million hits each year.

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Google Goggles Sudoku »

Even though at one point the puzzle game of Sudoku seemed like an impossible mystery to some, now just about any modern mobile phone will be able to solve it within seconds, something that is somewhat disillusioning for many who enjoy the challenge.

There is a new application for mobile phones from Google called Google Goggles which is able to take a picture taken of a Sudoku puzzle and then analyze it to come up with the answer in an extremely short period of time.

The picture of the puzzle is sent to Google and the company’s servers go right to work on it, eventually sending an image of the completed puzzle back to the person who originally sent it.

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