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Android Software Development Kit Early Look »

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Here is a very early look at the software development kit for Google’s phone: The Android.The Android’s OS is a bit larger than traditional smartphone layouts.
Here’s what we know the software will support out of the box:

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Largest IBM Deal Ever:Software Firm Cognos »

IBM Corp. has made its largest acquisition ever,by buying Cognos Inc. for $5 billion in cash today.
The acquisition is in hope of keeping up with rivals in business intelligence (BI).
Cognos® is a world leader in business intelligence and performance planning software for enterprises.
The company proposes Business-intelligence software that deliver the complete range of BI capabilities: reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboards, business event management as well as data integration, on a single, proven architecture.
Nonetheless a senior analyst with Nucleus Research, David O’Connellrevealed the he was skeptical about what will happen with IBM and Cognos saying:

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NBC Direct Offers Free Downloads »

NBC has announced the launch of its Direct service, which is now in beta stage which allows free downloads of NBC shows up to seven days after they air.
The service is only available to Windows and IE users.
The episodes delete automatically after 48 hours,but the player installation is rather annoying. First off, it’s Internet Explorer only, then once you download the player, if you don’t have the latest .NET framework, you’ll be downloading that also. Next: Windows Media needed a security update on top of it all.
Click here to download the new NBC Direct service.
The shows with full episodes in the system are:

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Terminator-style helmets Allow Fighter Pilots To See Through Their Planes »

The British military is currently testing a new helmet that allows fighter pilots to literally see through their planes.

The concept is made possible thanks to a series of cameras that are placed on the outside of the plane.
The images from the cameras are projected inside the specially designed helmet via the cockpit.
Allowing the pilot to see 360 degrees around him/her.
The cameras will even have infrared sensors, allowing pilots to look down, through the cockpit floor, in the dead of night, and identify targets.
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer robot in “Terminator” has really inspired the military.

iPhone On Sale In Europe »

The iPhone has landed in Europe to be more precise in Germany and in the UK ,today.
Apple hopes to sell 10 million iPhones in 2008, thanks to its launch in Asia next year.
Deutsche Telekom AG, which owns T-Mobile, said it has already sold more than 10,000 iPhones in Germany.And O2, which is providing cell service for iPhones in Britain, said it would not release the number as yet.France’s Telecom will sell the iPhone in France through its Orange wireless branch, starting Nov. 29.

TiVo To Offer Advertisers Viewer Data »

U.S. digital video recorder company TiVo has plans to give information about age, income, marital status, ethnicity, and other factors to advertisers .
According to The Wall Street Journal the detailed profiles of TiVo users will be given so ads can be better targeted.
Representatives for TiVo could not immediately be reached for comment.