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MySpace Adds Free Games »

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MySpace users will now be able to spend more time online thanks to the multiplayer games that will be added in 2008.
The games will be located in the personal profile pages, and you can play them for free.
MySpace has signed a deal with Oberon Media Inc. to make available hundreds of casual games from its portfolio.

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Mobius MKII Loudspeaker System Available In 2008 »

The Mobius MKII Reference Loudspeaker System is the most original and artistic thing I have ever seen.
So if you want to make a statement or stand out ,you now know what to buy.
They might appear small but they are not, the Mobius MKII stands approximately 38″ tall and houses four drivers in its 8″ bipolar array that rests comfortable on top of the speaker to produce an impressive 360 degrees of sound.

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White PS2 with Singstar In Stores »

Sony’s PlayStation 2 recently turned 7 years old and to celebrate the age of reason Sony is offering a limited edition Ceramic White model with SingStar 2 for $149.99.
The Ceramic White PlayStation 2 will be available in a store this week end but will only go world wide on November 4.SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton, said in a statement:

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3Skypephone Launching In November »

SKYPE and collaborator 3 Mobile will be launching the 3SkypePhone on November 2nd.
The new phone will allow free calls to other Skype users / 3Skypephone owners like on a computer.
The 3SkypePhone features:

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Mac OS X Leopard To Be Released Friday »

The Mac OS X Leopard ,considered as Apple’s most revolutionary software will be unleashed tomorrow.
The Macintosh OS X 10.5, better known as Leopard, will be accessible to clients around the world and cost $130 for a single-user license or $200 for a five-user family pack.
The upgraded version Apple’s operating system that was released two years ago will have not 10 not 50 but 300 new features and enhancements.
Here are some of the great new features that you will love:

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Microsoft Beats Google In Battle To Invest In Facebook »

Microsoft has payed $240 million for 1.6 percent stake of the social-networking website Facebook, that is valued at $15 billion..
The deal grants Microsoft exclusive access to spam advertise on Facebook’s platform.
Microsoft already has numerous U.S. ad contracts and is now looking forward to sell internationally.

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