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iPad 2 Release Date: February 2011 »

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After months of rumors floating around on the internet, Kevin Rose who is the CEO of Digg said on his blog that the announcement of the iPad 2 release from Apple is a very short time away, making a lot of people who have been awaiting this news very happy.

There have been a number of other rumors regarding the second incarnation of the device, such as that it will supposedly have a USB port on it. There is no doubt that consumers cannot wait to see just what the iPad 2 holds with regards to features and interface changes.

Apple has promised great things in the past and even Rose is expecting them to deliver once again this time around.

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Chevrolet New Sonic Sub-compact: Aveo Replacement »

Chevy will soon be unveiling the brand new Sonic sub-compact at the Detroit auto show which will be a 2012 replacement from the Aveo.

The four door sedan will have a much sportier look than previous models from this manufacturer as well as a five-door hatch.

Chevrolet is in the process of promoting numerous electronic features, such as an iPhone application that is able to let the owner keep an eye on certain functions from their phone.

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Internet ID For Americans: Obama »

President Obama is in the process of putting together a proposal for the U.S Commerce Department which would effectively create internet IDs for all Americans.

The White House has called their plan “identity ecosystem” as a new way of identifying individuals across the country and added that they would like to launch it as soon as possible.

Howard Schmidt who is the Cybersecurity Coordinator for the White House commented on the plans, saying that they are making every effort to get the ball rolling on it.

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Is Facebook Shutting Down On March 15? Facebook Not Ending »

Is Facebook Shutting Down?/Is Facebook Ending on March 15?

Earlier today a strange rumor was started on Facebook, well about Facebook.

The fake story that is being spread like wild fire via several social network including Twitter claims that Facebook will end on March 15, 2011.

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Polaroid Sunglasses Camera, Printer: Lady Gaga At CES »

After a year of initially being appointed the creative Director of Polaroid, Lady Gaga has something to present to both the company and the public: Grey Label by Haus of Gaga.

The new gadget that she has come up with consists of a pair of sunglasses that have a camera in them, displaying everything that they see with a mobile Polaroid camera as well as a photo printer.

Lady Gaga was recently at CES to promote the new device which she believes will be a revolutionary new way to look at the world and take pictures.
Gaga said that this device will be the first ever to protect your eyes from UV rays while still being able to take photos wherever you go.

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Microsoft Windows Phone Chips Development »

The Microsoft Corp. has officially announced that they will be coming out with a version of Windows have will run on cell phone chips, a truly innovative and groundbreaking development as far as OS software is concerned.

This will be the first time that the Windows operating system will not be based entirely on Intel technology. Using cell phone chips could mean a lot of great things for the company and consumers alike, including a lot of saved energy and faster load time.

Most importantly, it will give the company the leverage that it needs to break into the market of tablet computers which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

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