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Mega Millions Winner & Winning Numbers Crash Mega Millions Website »

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Who is the Mega Million Winner?/Did anyone win the mega millions jackpot? If you played the following numbers 4,8,15,25,47, Mega Ball: 42 during last night Mega Millions’ unforgettable lottery and you happen to live in Idaho – well you have just won 330 million dollars (with over 25% going to the IRS).

A very lucky individual who resides in Idaho might have played a single dollar in order to walk away with a jackpot worth 330 million dollars.

The lottery which is played in 41 states has not been won for the last 15th times it was drawn – which explains why on November 12, 2010, it was $ 12 million and on January 4th it skyrocketed to a grand prize of 330 million dollars.

The executive director of the Texas Lottery, Gary Grief, said in a statement that is “This is exciting for us and especially exciting for our players, who now have an opportunity to win an estimated $330 million for just a $1 play.”

But do not expect to access the Mega Millions’ official website anytime soon.
The site’s server crashed after it received a high volume of visitors who were all searching for these magical numbers that would make their dreams come true.

A message on the Mega Millions Website reads:

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Nintendo 3DS Leaked Pics »

There have been numerous pictures floating around on the internet which claim to be of the much-storied Nintendo 3DS which will be coming out soon. Many gaming fans are looking forward to the release of the revolutionary gaming console which promises to completely change everything as far as 3D gaming is concerned.

The shell of the 3DS is apparently going to be completely black and around the top display on one version is a black bezel as well as a blue on one of the bottom.

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Hotmail Lost Emails Now Restored »

There have been a number of Hotmail users who have reported seeing a blank inbox when logging into their accounts, revealing a serious glitch with the email site that is owned and run by Microsoft.

So far there have many reports of this problem on the official Microsoft support forum that exists for users to go on and post any issues they are having with these products.

Although it is true that Hotmail users can still log into their accounts, they do not see anything where the inbox should be. There are now “sent” or “deleted” folders like there should be, which mystified thousands of people.

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Wikipedia Remains Ad-Free: $16M Donations »

Just two weeks from the ten year anniversary of the Wikimedia Foundation, they have claimed to have raised $16 million for their website, Wikipedia, to keep it up and running. On the main site there is an image of Jimmy Wales, the founder of the site, and a “personal appeal” from him to those who visit.

Wales says that in order to keep the page free of ads, it needs lots of funding and so far they have done a pretty good job of raising the money that they need to stay running without the use of any ads or sponsors.

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Facebook Most Visited Website Of The Year, Tops Google »

At the top of the “Most visited websites”, Facebook has taken first place for 2010, finally beating Google for the coveted spot that many thought would go to the search engine.

Hitwise reported that the social networking website accounted for almost 9 percent of all website visits in the U.S between January and November of 2010.

Google came in second at just over 7 percent along with Yahoo! Mail which has around 3.5 percent. The public has seen Facebook slowly moving up the list of most visited websites, finally taking its place at the top because of the millions of people who use it on a daily basis.

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Skype Outage Blamed On Microsoft Windows Software »

There are plenty of outraged Skype users who had to go without access to the page for nearly 24 hours because of what they call a glitch in their software which led to the outage.

Apparently only users with Microsoft Windows operating systems experienced problems with getting on the website that extended for nearly a full day.

The issue with the software started around a week ago when the servers that are responsible for running offline instant messaging became overloaded and buckled under the strain.

This in turn caused a reaction which resulted in computers receiving delayed responses from the overstrained servers.

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