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FBI Seizes Web Servers »

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If one of your favorite websites was offline today then you can probably blame the FBI who raided the servers of the DigitalOne company that has web servers in Virginia.

No word as to why the FBI took out the servers and left several websites offline but speculation is that they were after one of the users of the server but disrupted a dozen other users as the servers were shared.

So far the company that got raided is apologizing to it’s clients who in turn are apologizing to their customers as the sites were down for hours.

DigitalOne called the FBI’s efforts “unprofessional” but in all honesty the massive hacking attacks going on around the world may call for such ham-handed tactics.

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Ryan Cleary (LulzSec Hacker??) Charged »

The teenager that Scotland Yard busted as a suspect in the cyber attacks on government websites and is a suspected member of such international criminal hacking groups as Anonymous and Lulz Security, is still hitting the news.

Now it’s learned more about the strange behavior of Ryan Cleary, who is looking at insane amounts of time in jail, fines, and lawsuits for his hacking adventures if he’s convicted.

His mother now says that the 19 year old had been a loner, a recluse, hermit if you will. She also revealed that he once threatened to cut his wrists if she ever turned off his internet access.

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Sega Cyber Attack Affected Over 1 Million Users »

The full scope of the hacking attack on the Sega gaming website has the Japanese based company disclosing that about 1.3 million customers have had their personal data stolen from their database.

Although Sega Pass customers are now being told that only their birthdates, emails, and encrypted passwords were stolen and not their payment information, some are wondering if the company is telling the truth.

This year the SonyPlaystation network was hacked in the biggest hacking event in history and they weeks to admit what had gone wrong. Japanese companies appear to operate that way by not divulging the truth until it’s too late or outted by the media.

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Winklevoss vs Facebook Still Going At It In Court »

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his legal team lost a round today in court as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twin brothers who’ve said that Zuckerberg stole their idea of Facebook are now appealing an earlier court ruling that upheld a $65 million cash-and-stock settlement they had previously reached in 2008.

All related litigation is going to be on hold as the Supreme Court decides if they’ll hear the case.

The conflict of Zuckerberg and the Winklevosses was featured in the movie “The Social Network”.

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Citigroup Hackers Actions Explained »

More insight into the Citigroup hacking debacle has emerged.

The hackers had acquired around 200,000 customer’s personal data and how they did it wasn’t super sophisticated either. They did it via the front door.

They used the Citigroup login website and substituted their information with the hacker’s information and allowed the hackers access to the system.

This latest monster hacking attempt follows two other major hacking stories, one literally shut down the Sony PlayStation network leaving over 77 million users in the dark. Then came last week’s hacking into the International Monetary Fund’s database which had the World Bank cut off the IMF to avoid further invasion.

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Apple iPad2 Software Glitch Recall 2011 »

That steam rising over the horizon comes from some really angry iPad2 owners who were told their devices are being recalled due to a software glitch.

Apple Inc. has decided to recall an unspecified number of iPad2 tablets that are configured to use the Verizon network because the units have a connectivity problem or two.

The problem they say is the hard coding of the devices as they’re specifically using an unique MEID code. An MEID is a “Mobile Equipment Identifier”. Some of the iPad2s were accidentally given the same MEID code and that means the duplicates won’t work. The company didn’t say how many units were affected.

As usual, nobody told customer service about it and that added more fuel to the fire.

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