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Julian Assange vs Mark Zuckerberg On SNL »

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Saturday Night Live recently crafted a skit that pit Jualian Assange versus recent ‘Person of the Year’ for Time magazine, Mark Zuckerberg. SNL is known for not only its comedic skits, but also clever insight into the world of politics.

Bill Hader who plays Julian Assange says that while “he” provides private information about corporations to the public for free, Zuckerberg takes people’s private information and sells it to corporations. In the recent SNL skit Hader makes a few very witty and all too truthful comments that compare Assange and Zuckerberg as potential men of the year.

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Google Body Browser: Human Anatomy In 3D »

Almost everyone knows about Google Maps, because they have been around a long time.
They span thousands of miles going around streets, cities, and even oceans. But now it seems as though Google has become dissatisfied with limiting themselves to mapping the geography of the land and they are going for something a little bit different, the human body.

Apparently Google will be coming out with a new feature on their website called “Body Browser” which allows users to explore the different parts of the human body from multiple zoom angles.

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Facebok Down On December 16 »

In what has become a public outrage, Facebook officially went down for around 30 minutes on the 16th due to a leak of internal prototypes that ended up going public. Facebook stated that the changes forced them to go down for a little bit, but they came back up as soon as possible. The incident was unique because Facebook is a website not known for crashing or going down very much like its old competitor Myspace.

The reason there was so much outrage from the public was because the site went down just as it started to debut several new features, including brand new pages that had been completely redesigned as well as a new design for the photo section of each profile page.

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Mark Zuckerberg TIME Person Of The Year 2010 »

Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of the very popular social networking site Facebook has been picked as the “Person of the Year” and therefore appears on the cover of Time magazine.

The news was announced by Zuckerberg himself on Facebook, a website that has accumulated over 500 million members around the world.

The CEO of the social networking site commented on the honor, saying that he is glad that something his team is doing makes a difference for so many hundreds of millions of people.

At just twenty six years of age, Zuckerberg is officially the second youngest person to be named Person of the Year by Time magazine since Charles Lindbergh who was given the title in 1927.

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McDonald’s & Twitter Hacked »

A hacker recently managed to get into the mainframes of the following companies Walgreen Co., Twitter, and McDonalds to reveal some top secret data.

The hackers may have used the list of customer email addresses to spam their accounts requesting personal information for outside websites which have been setup as deterrents for their own purposes. Customers have provided personal information when signing up for certain McDonald’s promotions and subscriptions, and now that information could be threatened with the recent breach of security which was perpetrated by hackers.

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Yahoo Layoffs »

As a result of a lack of growth in recent months, Yahoo! has decided to lay off at least 600 to 700 employees. With a total of 14,000 employees it is certainly not a huge number but still significant enough to mean something for the lives of those who are being let go and around the holiday season no less.

Apparently the search engine company had been planning the cutbacks for some time due to the fact that they were not expanding at the rate they hoped and that keeping on more people than necessary would ultimately drain their profits. Employees of the company could learn about being laid off on Tuesday, as that is when the announcement is expected to be.

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