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Gawker Hacked »

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Gawker Media is telling all of their current subscribers to immediately change their active passwords because of a security breach that they recently experienced from a hacker who managed to get into the system. Although the passwords on the server are in fact encrypted, they said it is still important to take all necessary measures to change them because some could be vulnerable to attack from hackers.

The company expressed their concern over the situation, saying that any passwords that there were same as those stored by Gawker Media should be changed immediately.

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Google E-book Site Launches: Should Amazon Be Worried? »

In an effort to challenge in the marketplace, Google has decided to become an online merchant of e-books.

This action was taken as a result of’s incredibly popular Kindle, which has managed to sell very well since it was first released onto the market. So far there are 15 million books that have been scanned in for people to download on this new section of Google; they can simply go on, find the e-book they want, and purchase it to use with their Kindle. Although there will certainly be many people who will not be happy about the change from free to paid e-books, Google feels it is a necessary change to make.

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.xxx Porn Domain Name Delayed »

Bogota recently delayed the launch of what would be the very first and somewhat controversial “.xxx” domain which would be reserved for pornographic sites on the web. ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ultimately decided that they wanted to delay the decision as to whether or not to allow the domain; however they did not specify a date that they would reconvene to make their decision. ICM Registry is the company which owns and is responsible for the domain name and they have been trying for a long time to get approved by ICANN for a number of years.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch »

December 8th was the scheduled day for the liftoff of SpaceX Falcon 9 and it was a historical day for space history. Space Exploration Technologies is the first private firm to send a craft up into orbit and successfully get it back down to the Earth.

SpaceX had an incredibly successful run with their very first launch and they are expecting many more in the future.

There is no doubt that they have the funding and technology to accomplish quite a bit when it comes to space exploration, and they have let the public know of their excitement and anticipation of future projects.

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Numbers On Facebook Status »

After rumors began to spread about the whole Facebook cartoon default picture setup being a hoax originating from child predators, many people are now hesitant to keep the pictures they have put up.

There is now a somewhat mysterious number game that everyone seems to be involved in. The friend requests that their friends ask what they think about them by giving them a number and then their friends give them a number in return.

There is no doubt that this number craze is the latest thing to hit the social networking site and it is spreading more quickly than anyone else ever anticipated.

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Recently Vitaly Borker, the proprietor of, was arrested and the charges are “cyberstalking” for making numerous internet threats against people online as well as wire fraud and mail fraud. The owner and operator of the website is looking at some serious time for the offenses that he has been charged with so far. The arrest came shortly after an article in the New York Times revealed his less-than-ethical business practices on the website. Apparently Borker had been spying in on and harassing people all over the internet for months, using various methods of cheating and bullying customers.

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