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Radio Shack $24 iPhone 4 »

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In one of the best sales yet, Radio Shack has decided to lower the price on their iPhones dramatically, prompting many people to flee to the electronics store to pick theirs up immediately.

Radio Shack is offering the iPhone 4 32GB model for just $249 as well as the 16GB for $149, a deal that few other retailers will be able to beat. The iPhone 3GS has been taken all the way down to $49. These sales on the iPhone are reminiscent of the Black Friday sales that have been forgotten but the spirit seems to still be alive with the holiday season upon us and retailers trying to rake in as much profit as possible.

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Cartoon Pictures For Facebook Profile: Cartoons From The 1970s, 80s & 90s »

Cartoon characters from the 80’s and 90’s have taken over Facebook. For weeks now the social networking site has been buzzing about this new change and it looks like the company has managed to live to the hype.

It is now possible for members of the social networking site to change their profile picture to a cartoon character from the 70, 80 or 90.

Instead of having a picture of yourself – you can now replace with an adorable Care Bear photo or the Rugrats or The Flintstones – basically you can select any cartoon character from your childhood.

If your friends have changed their pictures and replaced it with a cartoon character, that means they wish to participate in this new trend that has taken the world by storm and they probably want you to do the same.

For several days now the most search keywords on Google are :

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WikiLeaks Website DOWN »

The WikiLeaks website recently lost its domain provider that was based in the U.S, and as a result they have moved their hosting services to Switzerland where they will be able to stay up and running. The company announced that they had officially moved to Switzerland on their Twitter page on Friday. which was there U.S provider said that they were forced to drop them as a client because of the fact that they were violating terms of use as well as being the subject of multiple cyber attacks which were affecting their systems.

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Google New Search Algorithm After Scam News »

Google New Search Algorithm After Scam News – Websites that have been reported for giving people a poor user experience are starting to be penalized with the new algorithm that Google was worked out. The news broke shortly after one customer of a certain website told the person who sold a pair of sunglasses to them that they were counterfeit and as a result was verbally harassed by the site’s owner.

Google has responded to the complaint from the customer in such a way that was not expected. The company says that they will be implementing ways of rooting out the “weeds” of the internet that rip people off and scam.

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Google Evil, Says Mozilla Firefox Director Asa Dotzler »

Is Google Evil? According to Asa Dotzler Mozilla Firefox’s director of community development the answer may be yes.
Over the weekend the New York Times did one of their usual penetrating exposé and revealed some online businesses are using what they call NEGATIVE advertisement to generate thousands of negative comments for their bad services in order to rank high on Google’s search engine.

The New York Times’ lengthy piece focused on a client named Clarabelle Rodriguez who simply needed a pair of glasses but instead went through a nightmare after making a purchase on DecorMyEyes.
Rodriguez explained that she was harassed ,sued and stalked by the French company.
After the story ran,Amit Singhal who works for Google took to the search giant’s official blog to address to matter.

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LinkedIn Share Button »

The social network LinkedIn which is geared towards businesses has recently added a share button feature to their website, enabling individuals and businesses to share content over the network. There are three different options that people have when they want the share button. The first option is a vertical button that also comes with a share counter, a horizontal button that is slightly smaller, and a horizontal button that comes with no counter at all.

Those who want to add one of these buttons will just have to copy and paste a few lines of code onto their page.

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