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New Facebook Scam: View Who Saw My Profile App »

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New Facebook Scam: View Who Saw My Profile App – Since the start of the social network boom with Friendster and Myspace, people have always wanted to know who has been viewing their page. The recent advertisements to people who use Facebook are scams, and all of them claim that they will be able to see who has been viewing their page with just the click of a button. Facebook workers want people to know that it is a scam and not to go through with it. Since the very first social networking sites, people haven’t really been able to see who has viewed their page, and that doesn’t look like something that is going to change anytime soon.

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Comcast Outage »

Comcast recently had some upset customers after an internet outage in a portion of their service area occurred. The company recently released the details of a service outage that occurred in portions of the East Coast early Monday morning.

Charlie Douglas is the spokesman for Comcast, and he issued a statement saying, “Late this evening, our engineers identified a server issue that was affecting only Internet service in Greater Boston and DC/Beltway areas.” Although it appeared that the issue was resolved sometime after midnight on Monday, that didn’t stop plenty of Comcast customers from being upset about the shoddy service that they had received.

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Winfrey who is said to be worth about $2.7 billion will be making twelve lucky audience members very happy for the Holiday season.

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Best Cyber Monday Deals 2010 »

Best Cyber Monday Deals 2010 – After millions of shoppers hit the malls on ‘Black Friday’ (which marked the start of the holiday shopping) last week, today retailers are asking buyers to shop online as part of the ‘Cyber Monday’ madness.
According to reports about a 130 millions Americans are expected to purchase Christmas gifts and other holiday items online this year. Several online retailers have jumped on the opportunity and use this day to provide their clients with irresistible bargains.

Among these companies is Best Buy that will providing its customers with free delivery on certain items during the holiday season.

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Cyber Monday Deals 2010 »

Cyber Monday Deals 2010 – With Black Friday in the past, bargain shoppers are looking forward to the biggest online shopping day of the year which will be Cyber Monday. Less than a day away, it will prove to be a great opportunity for those who are looking to do some Christmas shopping without spending a lot of money or braving the crowds. Regina Lewis of The Early Show which airs on Saturday mornings shared with consumers a few ways to get the best deals possible before everything goes out of stock. She also stressed the importance of making sure to not get scammed by certain websites.

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Cyber Monday Sales 2010 »

Cyber Monday Sales 2010 – Perhaps the biggest reasons for the huge anticipation of this year’s Cyber Monday is because of all those people who are struggling through the recession across the country, looking for deals during their Christmas shopping for loved ones.

There are certainly a lot of sales going on in stores such as Target and Best Buy, which are known for participating in the annual discount madness. One of the other reasons is most likely because these stores are offering better deals than ever before, prompting a record number of people to hit the internet. Statistics show that 1/5 Americans are likely to go out shopping after the Thanksgiving holidays because of all the sales that are going on.

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