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Dancing With The Stars 2010 ABC Vote »

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Dancing With The Stars 2010 ABC Vote – ‘Dancing With the Stars season 11 finale has fans rushing to their phones to support their favorite contestants.

This evening Jennifer Grey continued to impress the jury and the public with a perfect score with the help of her partner Derek Hough 60 (30, 30) points. The duo gave us two fine performances that we will remember for a longtime.

Her graceful moves reminded us of last week’s cast away Brandy and her partner Maksim Chermkovskiy who we expected to win Dancing with the Stars.

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Steve Jobs & Rupert Murdoch Digital Newspaper: The Daily »

Steve Jobs & Rupert Murdoch Digital Newspaper: The Daily – An online publication simply called “The Daily” will become available for web browsers to read on a regular basis, and the creators are none other than Steve Jobs of Apple and Rupert Murdoch who is known for being a big part of the media world.

The two have teamed up to create an internet newspaper that will be released as an app for the iPad. The newspaper will not be available in print nor will people be able to see it on the internet. The “tablet-only” newspaper is highly anticipated by those who already have an iPad or are planning to get the second incarnation of it when it is released sometime in the spring of next year.

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Apple iPad 2: April 2011 Release? »

Apple iPad 2: April 2011 Release? – Those who were pleased by the release of the iPad will be happy to know that they can expect the second one to come out sometime in April 2011. It is definitely a highly-anticipated release from Apple who experienced a lot of success with the first iPad. The new model will allow users to do many new things, including taking advantage of the “Facetime” feature which is present on the iPhone 4, allowing users to chat face to face. Since the release of the iPad there have been many customers who demand that some of its features be updated, so it is therefore no surprise that it will be getting a makeover in April.

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Facebook Dominating The Internet »

Facebook Dominating The Internet – Recent statistics which were gathered suggests that around 25 percent of all page views on the internet in the U.S are directed at the social networking website Facebook. Google, in comparison with Facebook’s 10 percent share, only has 7 percent as well as Youtube with 3. Facebook has nearly half a billion users with people all over the world who visit it multiple times each day, account for the unbelievable statistics. The social networking website has more daily visits and shares than just about any other single site on the internet, including the still-popular Twitter.

Some of the competing websites that have failed to overshadow Facebook include Myspace and Friendster.

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Google Launch »

Google Launch – In a recent move to bolster their e-commerce presence online, Google has released a new website called, in time for consumers to take advantage of it for the holiday season. The timing is no coincidence and Google admits that they planned the launch of the new website for around Christmas time, hoping that it would generate a lot of traffic for the new online shop which will make all different types of items available to those who are interested.

It allows online web browsers to visit the site and create their own shop by customizing and coming up with a fashion style that is all their own.

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MySpace Facebook Integration »

MySpace Facebook Integration – For most people the death of Myspace in favor of Facebook as the main social networking website on the internet is no surprise, and recently the nearly extinct website acknowledged this. Myspace has finally agreed to allow their members to log into Facebook through their Myspace pages.

The reason for this is because those who are still on Myspace will be able to transfer all of their “likes” as well as interests on Facebook to Myspace.

As a result members of both social network websites will receive content that is based on the likes and interests they have on these pages. In an effort to try and gain back some of the demand from users, Myspace has also been allowing Facebook users to sync their status updates with their Myspace page.

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