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Best Buy Black Friday 2010 Ads »

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Best Buy Black Friday 2010 Ads – Although many of the other stores that will be busy on Black Friday, the notorious shopping day after Thanksgiving, have already announced their sales, it is unclear just where Best Buy stands in all this. It has however revealed some of the good deals it is giving to consumers, such as its 50-inch plasma TV which is going for only $699 as well as Wii Console that comes fully loaded Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports Resort, and a Nunchuck for $169. They are also offering a Flip Video UltraHA camera for the low price of $99.99.

It seems as though most of the deals that the electronics giant is offering beat most of the deals that can be found at Wal-Mart. A MacBook Pro that is going for $1,119 and has a 13.3 inch screen has left much to desire though, so all of the deals that Best Buy is offering are not unbelievably great.

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OnLive: First TV Gaming Services »

OnLive: First TV Gaming Services – A new and upcoming gaming service called “OnLive” will soon be available to people across the nation. It is one of the first television gaming services to come to the states and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding it. OnLive will feature a wide variety of games, many of which will be available right away while some will be coming out later on. The creation of this gaming service marks a very significant turning point in this industry.

In a time where the video game industry is suffering, this service promises to take in quite a bit of money from eager consumers who want to get started playing right away.

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New Black Hole Discovered »

New Black Hole Discovered – One recent discovery in space has turned the entire scientific community upside down. Apparently researchers at NASA have gathered data which suggests that there is a black hole out there which is only 30 years old, compared to most others which are usually billions of years old. This recent news has many different implications on the nature of the universe and exactly what is possible. The discovery also gave scientists and astronomers a whole new way of viewing black holes and how they are made.

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Facebook Messages: New Service Puts Texts, Chats, E-mails In One »

Facebook Messages: New Service Puts Texts, Chats, E-mails In One – A new messaging platform for Facebook could mean big things as the site has just changed the layout of their page with regards to how communication between members works. They have officially started plans to enhance many of the features which those who regularly visit the site are excited about. This new service includes texting, emails, and even a chat room which multiple members can go into at one time to hold conversations. These features are a long time coming, according to many people who use Facebook and have wanted them as an option for talking to their friends and family for a while now.

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iOS 4.2 Release: Verizon iPhone 4 Announcement »

iOS 4.2 Release: Verizon iPhone 4 Announcement – Speculation is spreading as to when iOS 4.2 will be released. Some say that it come could be as soon as the 16th while others think that the official announcement might come a little bit later on. Rumors have began to spread as to just when it will be released, but nobody knows for sure.

Some news sources say that the new OS will be coming out later than expected with more and more delays, but it remains to be seen just when it will be released onto the market for consumers to use. For a while now there has been a lot of anticipation surround iOS 4.2. It is rumored to have a number of new design features which have many people excited.

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Walmart Black Friday 2010 Ads »

Walmart Black Friday 2010 Ads – Walmart recently put some of the items they will have on sale for Black Friday on Facebook, prompting thousands of eager shoppers to gear up for the biggest shopping day of the entire year. At midnight after Thanksgiving, Walmart is planning on holding an “Open House” in every one of their stores across the country, even those that are usually not open 24 hours. According to multiple internet sources, the deals that Walmart will be offering customers will be unbeatable. One of the items that Walmart is featuring on sale includes a Nintendo Wii for just $199 as well as Zhu Zhu pets for $4.

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