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Apple Announcement November 16: The Beatles On iTunes »

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Apple Announcement November 16: The Beatles On iTunes – Apple has announced on Tuesday morning the immediate sale of the Beatles’ impressive catalog which is composed of thirteen albums, four compilations via their online store iTunes .
Steve Jobs, was thrilled to reveal that this is the end of a “long and windy road” (a reference to the song called The Long and Winding Road, from the Let It Be album) due to the very long process it took to actually get the contract signed.

According to Rolling Stone Jobs tried to obtain Beatles’ discography in September of 2009 but he was told to wait because it was being remastered.

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Android Gingerbread 2.3 Coming »

Android Gingerbread 2.3 Coming – Today could be the day that Google finally reveals their new Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has been highly anticipated because of its secretive nature.

The Web 2.0 Summit in California could be what people all over the world have been waiting for, with a perfect stage already in place for announcing the latest smartphone that will no doubt be hitting the market in the near future.

It has gone from being a very unbelievable concept to a reality in a very short period of time, sparking much anticipation which has surrounded the mysterious new phone from Google.

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Windows Phone 7 Sales »

The Windows Phone 7 was officially launched on November 8th, becoming available to the public after a long period of anticipation from consumers all over. This new mobile phone release comes after a somewhat crippling loss that Microsoft suffered in the mobile phone market.

Their hope is that they will be able to quickly recover from it with the launch of the Windows Phone 7. Those who wish to purchase the phone can do so for $200 with a two year contract. This release comes at the same time as T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 phone which comes at the exact same price and also included a data plan.

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Facebook Email Address: New Messaging Service »

Facebook Email Address: New Messaging Service – On Monday a new Facebook email service will be revealed to the public, rivaling what Google has done in terms of “Gmail”. Those who have inside information on this most recent development with the social networking website are highly anticipating the addition of a new email service which will presumably provide users with a way to communicate other than instant messages or wall posts on Facebook. There are currently 500 million members registered on Facebook worldwide, making the new addition of an email service a bonus with regards to its overall digital value.

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Videos Of Under-Age Girl On Amazon »

Videos Of Under-Age Girl On Amazon – Controversy ensued when it was discovered by consumers that Amazon, the online shopping giant, was selling a book titled “The Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure”, but now the real problems are only beginning for the online company. They are being bothered with complaints that there are photos of underage European and Asian girls on some of their listings. Lately there have been questions raised as to whether or not Amazon has any real criteria for what is considered to be inappropriate or offensive, even though the company claims to not carry material which could be construed as obscene or offensive.

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4chan Tumblr DDoS Attack »

4chan Tumblr DDoS Attack – Hugely popular forum/website 4Chan has declared a war against Tumblr. Why?
Well many 4Chan members believe that users on Tumblr are wrong to copy other people’s articles,images,contents and never giving credits nor acknowledging the original publishers of the posts they simply paste on the site.

4Chan will take serious action against the microblogging platform in few hours – but the good news is that if they do decide to stop illegally taking other writers/bloggers’ stories,videos and original ideas, the 4Channers will have mercy on them and roll back.

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