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IMF Cyber Attack Was Targeted »

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More information has come forward regarding the massive cyber attack against the International Monetary Fund.

Experts state that the real reason for the attack was to steal sensitive insider information. The attack follows other woes laid upon the IMF after its president, Dominique Strauss-Kahn had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid in a New York hotel.

The attack on the IMF’s computers was clearly targeted on getting the information that they cyber criminals felt they could exploit for their own nefarious means.

It seems targeted on IMF strategies instead of personal information. Another bit of information says that the attack had gone on for months and wasn’t some simple one night cyber attack stand.

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Apple Stopping DUI checkpoint Apps »

Apps have become so much of our lives now that some can’t live without them. One such app called the DUI checkpoint app is being banned by Apple as US senators from several states have asked that the apps be removed.

The apps allow drivers to look for DUI checkpoints set up by police. With the app they can avoid them or prepare for them.

So far Canadian company Research In Motion pulled the apps but Apple and Google haven’t as yet and the pressure is on.

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Spain Arrests Anonymous Members »

Spain’s cops are on the ball in the war against cyber hacking as they’ve busted three suspected members of the infamous group Anonymous, charging them with cyber attacks against websites, banks, governments and more.

These arrests so far are said not to have anything to do with the recent massive attack against the Sony Playstation network.

Anonymous has sent out warnings that they plan on retaliation by saying, “We are Legion, so EXPECT US,” that they put out via their official Twitter feed.

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Apple Headquarters New Building »

Working at Apple Inc. just got better.

Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO has revealed the new design for the company’s main headquarters. A donut shaped flying saucer type building that will hold 12,000 staff members.

That must have investors dancing with joy as it shows Jobs’ confidence in the future of Apple Inc. The new complex is so high tech it can sustain itself with its own power source. The building will be built on the former Hewlett-Packard property.

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Facebook Facial Recognition »

Facebook users are concerned about a new facial recognition feature that the company has implemented that scours photos so that pictures can be used to point out friends in tag suggestions.

Without any fanfare, Facebook has implemented this feature that has many concerned about the growing eroding of privacy with the world’s number one social networking site.

Facebook had announced in December that they would be introducing the feature and did say on Tuesday that it was available widely.

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Hackers Fight Climate Change »

It’s a hackers paradise as the semi-annual “Random Hacks of Kindness” event is now in full swing.

This event is actually sponsored by a collaboration of big named companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA, the World Bank, and Google.

The purpose of the event is to allow good hackers to pit their minds together to help to figure out any solutions to global problems such as the economy to climate change.

From all over the world the hackers get together and get the gray matter cooking by soliciting “problem definitions” and puts the problems on the plates of the tech smart.

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