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Google Raise & Bonus For Employees »

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Google Raise & Bonus For Employees – It is no wonder why Google is among people’s favorite places to work in the entire world. Recently it has decided to give an unprecedented 10% raise to each one of its employees as well as a $1,000 cash bonus for the holiday season. Google will be paying all of the taxes on the bonus money as well as a raise which will end up being the same as their target year-end bonus. The raise and holiday bonus figures where confirmed when Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.The CEO commented that he believes salary is in fact more important than other financial incentives which are commonly given out by larger companies.

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Target Black Friday 2010: Wal-Mart & Sears Hours »

Target Black Friday 2010: Wal-Mart & Sears Hours – Black Friday will begin a bit earlier than previous years. This Thanksgiving most of the Wal-Mart and Sears stores across the country will be open for business, at least for part of the day. It is the latest decision made by big businesses looking to supplement income as much as possible around the holidays and it’s starting with this one. There are a few states which prevent the large store chains from opening on Thanksgiving, such as Connecticut and Massachusetts. As for the day after this holiday, there will be many more stores opening much earlier than is normal.

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BlackFriday 2010: Walmart Black Friday Ad 2010 »

BlackFriday 2010: Walmart Black Friday Ad 2010 – Thanksgiving Day might be one of the biggest holidays in the U.S. after Christmas of course for most people- but all bargain shoppers will tell you otherwise.

Bargainers all agree that the biggest day of the year is obviously Black Friday which has been serving as a prelude to the Christmas season shopping and festivities since 1996.

Black Friday 2010 will be held between November 26 through November 29 and according Reuters over two hundred million people will be participating in the buying frenzy that will take over America in the upcoming few weeks.

Stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart are not wasting any time and have already unveiled their ads that their consumers to make sure that they come out and shop, shop the Friday after Thanksgiving Day.
So what kind of offers do the big retailers have for their clients?

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Philip R. Greaves II Pedophile Book On Amazon »

Philip R. Greaves II Pedophile Book On Amazon – Users of an internet shopping website are furious after a book that is described as a guide for pedophiles has been released and put on sale on the site. The book, entitled ‘The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure’, has been on sale on the Amazon website since the twenty eighth of October. Amazon has remarkably defended the decision to sell the book on their website. There have been a lot of angry comments over social networking site Twitter, where users have demanded that the book be taken off the site and some have even threatened to boycott the site.

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Google Instant Preview In Search Results »

Google Instant Preview In Search Results – On Tuesday Google revealed a sneak peak of one of their up and coming features to appear on their website, a virtual magnifying glass which allows users to see a portion of search results by hovering it over a link. The brand new and highly anticipated feature is called “Instant Previews” and it is expected to completely change the ability to search online as most people know it. This is the latest feature to make finding relevant search results easier for the average person, providing a way to browse the internet much more quickly and efficiently for everyone.

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Mystery Missile Launch In California: An Illusion »

Mystery Missile Launch In California: An Illusion – In a bizarre turn of events, the mysterious missile that was photographed being launched into the sky on Monday has a possible explanation according to one expert. John Pike, who is a professional security analyst, claims that there was no missile to begin with, and it was all an optical illusion. He claims that the supposed missile was nothing more than an airplane obscured by the sun, made to look like a missile flying overhead. Officials from the Pentagon claim that no such missile was launched by the U.S and that they cannot come up with an explanation as to where it came from in the first place.

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