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Noirin Shirley Accuses Florian Liebert: Google Blogger Twitter Engineer Sex Attack Claims »

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Noirin Shirley Accuses Florian Liebert: Google Blogger Twitter Engineer Sex Attack Claims – Here is a rather unique yet sad story. Recently a professional tech writer for Google filed a complaint with police regarding an incident which supposedly occurred at a tech conference in Atlanta last week. Noirin Shirley says that one of the engineers from Twitter approached her at the ApacheCon event and forced himself upon her, kissing her and putting his hand down her underwear. The Google blogger is furious and says that this incident is not the first time she has had to deal with these types of assaults at conventions she has gone to in the past.

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Google Free Wi-Fi Holidays Plan »

Google Free Wi-Fi Holidays Plan – Google really wants you to enjoy the year end holidays – while you browse the internet of course.

In the holiday spirit Google has decided to give away free Wi-Fi to every passenger who flies domestically through Delta, Virgin America, or AirTran airlines. This is part of a promotion that the search engine monter is running and it will last from November 20th to January 2nd of 2011. The team responsible for running the Google Chrome web browser section is sponsoring the giveaway of free Gogo broadband internet to those who fly through one of the participating domestic airlines. Those who wish to use this in-flight internet service normally pay a fee of $11 for a full day of access to the broadband connection.

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RockMelt: New Web Browser »

RockMelt: New Web Browser – We all know how popular social networking has become, and a new web browser is definitely taking advantage of this fact. RockMelt is making use of the fact that the majority of us only really use a handful of our favorite websites. As well as this, the three most popular sites that we use are Twitter, Facebook, and Google. According to reports, the new RockMelt browser allows you to view all of these in one easy to access pane with drop down menus.

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Queen On Facebook »

Facebook has become so popular that now there is a ‘British Monarchy’ page that users are able to ‘like’. The page was put up today at 8 AM, but it was announced yesterday. Of course, with this page you are not going to be able to connect with the Queen, or any other members of the royal family for that matter, but you are able to like the page, which is set to be hugely popular. There were many people this morning who were fighting to become the first person to like the page.

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Black Friday Deals 2010 »

Black Friday Deals 2010 – In less than three weeks Black Friday 2010 will be here for shoppers to shop, save and save some more.
Black Friday 2010 will be held in the United States on 26 November through Monday, 29 and stores like Kohl’s, Walmart, Best Buy will be opening very early to attract customers.

Companies have begun to prepare for the sales war by sending ads, catalogs to their customers in hopes of making some serious profits for the holiday season.

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Blekko Search Engine LAUNCHED At »

Blekko Search Engine LAUNCHED At – Google and Yahoo search engines could very well have competition in the form of Blekko, a new search engine that uses users input to filter search results. The beta version of the site has only just been released within the last twenty for hours, so it is still very much a work in progress, but if it takes off then it could be huge. According to the Blekko site, they use something called slashtags. Slashtags are a list of topics around a certain topic. Apparently, users are able to create these sites and search within them too.

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