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Amcdead: Walk-On Role As A Zombie Game »

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Amcdead ( which is the official website of AMC’s new series ‘The Walking Dead’ can be found at the following address
After a huge advertising campaign the highly anticipated drama premiered last night (which coincide with the celebration of Halloween) and has fans buzzing all over the world because you can win a chance to be in the series… read on to find out how.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Singapore Release Date »

Samsung Galaxy Tab Singapore Release Date – Singapore is in for a treat as a Samsung touch screen tablet computer running on Google’s Android is set to be released on the thirteenth of November.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available for purchase in all participating outlets from this date onwards. Not only is this tiny computer incredibly advanced as a computer, but you can also make calls from it and it has Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. Android was originally designed for smart phones, but the version that the Samsung Galaxy runs is specifically designed for tablets.

There is one thing that already makes this tablet stand out from the Apple iPad, and that is the fact that it supports Adobe Flash Player, something that the iPad cannot have without it being jail broken.

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MySpace Redesign 2010: New MySpace Layout »


MySpace Redesign 2010: New MySpace Layout – MySpace has unveiled the new design for the social networking website after nearly three million people in the UK stopped using it in July of this year. The new site has seen some major changes, and is now focusing on its music roots which is one of the things that made it so popular in the first place. The new site even has a new logo, which is just the word ‘My’ with an extended dash which is said to represent the space.

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Limewire Free Download Shut Down »


Limewire Free Download Shut Down – One of the most popular file sharing sites on the internet, Limewire, was shut down on Thursday by US court after a against the site by the music industry. Just five months ago Limewire faced other trouble after thirteen music companies were successful in a case against website for copyright infringement and unfair competition. On Tuesday, a legal notice could be seen on the Limewire website stating that they had been put under a court ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting file sharing software.

The chief executive of Limewire said that he was disappointed with the turn of events. He also added that they had no other option but to cease the distribution of the software. However, he added another interesting comment, stating that the team was already working on a new project. He said that they will be sharing more details of the service as time goes on.

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Google Street View Privacy Scandal »

Google Street View Privacy Scandal – Google is now in even more trouble over the recent revelations that it collected data from households in more than thirty countries without anyone’s consent. The British Information Commissioner’s Office has requested that they are allowed to look further into the information provided, after Google admitted that the street cars that were sent around places all over the world were not only to take pictures of streets and places, but they also carried internet items that were capable of eavesdropping.

Google has stated that the data that was collected was probably done because there was an intention to use it. However, they have said that they are mortified by what has happened, and that they would like to delete the collected data as soon as possible.

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Photoshop Tutorial »

Photoshop Tutorial – Here you are siting in front of your computer and staring at Photoshop without any inspiration and no techniques as to how to work this program.

We have compiled some interesting tutorials that will help you create the masterpiece that you are hoping and dreaming of in order to impress your love ones.

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