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It is Sunday -therefore it is time for football madness. While some are busy watching the matches on their big screens surrounded by either friends or family accompanied by few beers, others are having fun playing games on their computers. Fantasy Football which can be found at the following address is the site to visit if you love having imaginary teams.

Seeing that NFL Fantasy is the official website of the National Football League – it is only normal that it is one of most well equipped sites pertaining to the league. Fantasy Football provides the users with a great gaming experience where everything is for free and well explained.

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Steve Jobs Chilean Miners Free iPods Gift »

The 33 miners’ worst nightmare of being buried alive for almost 70 days has now turned into some kind of a dream where they are being showered with gifts and can more or less get whatever they desire.

The local heroes first received a check for five million Chilean pesos each, about 10k, from Leonardo Farkas, who is a mining billionaire, a former pianist and ex Chilean presidential candidate.

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Capital One Online Banking Down »

Capital One provides Online banking logins for their customers in the UK, US and in Canada appeared to be having technical difficulties today October 15th,2010. Their services include credit card services that have some of the best rates in the country. Their secure website allows you to login, pay your bill, and check on your savings and checking accounts.

All of your personal finances can be managed from their login screen. The page provides links to a number of resources including their online banking and financial products pages.
They offer a wide range of different products including credit cards, rewards cards, online banking services, the ability to pay bills through their interface, small business loans, accounts and CDs.

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GOOG Earnings: Google 3Q Profit »

GOOG Earnings: Google 3Q Profit – Google posted a 32% increase in profit and a 23% increase in revenue, mostly from their search ad sales, providing evidence that the online advertising market is rebounding. The results show how Google, among a number of other companies whose business remains online, are able to benefit from increased online ad spending. They reached a record $12.1 billion in the first half of the year. It shows that many companies are finding online ads to be a cost effective way to promote their business.

Paid clicks, a service that measures how frequently users click on ads, showed that the number rose 16% in September when compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the average price that was spent per click rose 3% from the previous year as a result of increased competition.

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Verizon iPad Release Date »

Verizon iPad Release Date – With the Verizon iPhone deal reportedly in place, one has to wonder what is next for the mobile giant and Apple. Could the iPad be the next thing to come to Verizon? Apparently, yes. Verizon announced that it will soon start selling the Apple iPad tablet computers at more than 2,000 outlets across the nation. The Verizon iPad will not run on the Verizon 3G network at this time. They instead will run on Verizon’s MiFi mobile hotspot modem. The modem is able to turn cell phone signals into Wi-Fi for use with the iPad.

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Server Hangup: Yahoo Down Amid AOL Buyout Rumor »

Two years ago it was reported that Microsoft had put in an unsuccessful bid to buy out Yahoo, and since the shares have risen by nine point five per cent recently, it is no surprise that private equity companies are now trying to do the same thing. It was reported this week that media and internet companies such as AOL have been approached to see if they would be interested in buying out Yahoo. However, Yahoo is currently worth over twenty billion dollars, so it is certainly something that would need careful consideration by whichever company takes the deal further.

At the moment, Yahoo employ over thirteen thousand, six hundred people. According to sources, talks about companies buying out Yahoo have been going on for months, but they have suddenly become a lot more intense. Although they are getting more and more intense, no official approach has been made to Yahoo as of yet.

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