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McRib Locator Tracks McDonald’s Sandwiches »

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McRib Locator Tracks McDonald’s Sandwiches – Thanks to thousands of people on Facebook and a man named Alan Klein- starting next month McDonald’s McRib which was created in 1981 will be back on the restaurant’s menu all over America.

Most likely due to horrible sale numbers the sandwich was removed from a majority of restaurants and would reappear magically for a brief moment , then it would vanish again.So when his favorite meal kept on vanishing on him,Klein who comes from South Dakota decided to create the mcrib locator that can be found at the following address but is out of service due to heavy traffic.

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Google Instant Search Share »

Google Instant Search Share – Research has found that Google was able to maintain their lead in the search market for September, and that the Bing and Yahoo search deal saw a bit of a dip in their stats, just a few short months after the deal was announced. It was in September that Google introduced their new search feature, Google Instant. The feature allows the page to reload while a person is typing their phrase in, bringing instantaneous searching to most users. It has taken awhile to get used to for many people, but the vast majority of users have found the new feature to be useful, especially when they do not know exactly how to word something for a search engine query, which is something that is more common than most would imagine.

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Facebook Bing Search Partnership »

Facebook Bing Search Partnership – Facebook and Microsoft are looking to deepen their search ties, likely in an effort to compete in search with Google, a company that has effortlessly dominated the marketplace over the course of the last decade. They are looking to tap into the social connections between individuals on Facebook in order to secure a larger portion of the search market. Facebook, which is already a site that is as visited as Google on the web, is looking to introduce search features that would make it so their users do not have to migrate to Google in order to search the web.

However, the sharing of personal data on Facebook could lead to future privacy concerns. The social networking giant has already come under fire for privacy errors on their website that has left the information of some individuals exposed at times, and they are likely looking for a way to work with Microsoft that would not draw any more negative attention to their privacy features.

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Google TV On Sony »

Google TV On Sony – Sony recently released its newest television screen, and is certainly hoping that by partnering with Google, the company will find a niche that any other company has yet to fill. The TVs come equipped with Google TV software, which allows users to brows Hulu, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and Pandora straight from their living room without using a computer. The TV also contains a search engine and numerous different Android apps, all powered by Google.

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Elisa Baker: Zahra Baker Stepmother Myspace Found »

Elisa Baker: Zahra Baker Stepmother Myspace Found – Elisa Baker, the stepmother of the missing Zahra Baker, describes herself on her MySpace page as a “gothic,” and has a number of devil-related images posted on her MySpace profile. She has been described as a “person of interest” in the disappearance of the ten year old girl. Even her husband said that he believed that she could have had something to do with the disappearance of his daughter.

Family members have told officials that the girl lived a “miserable life.” They say that she was locked in her room for most of the day. Zahra had survived cancer, but came out of the ordeal with two hearing aids and a prosthetic leg. She was regularly beaten by her stepmother, and was rarely allowed out of the house.
Police were called to the home at 5 AM after there was a report of a brush fire on the property.

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Twitter 1 Billion Users Goal »

Twitter 1 Billion Users Goal – Twitter has set their goals very high. The co-founders, Biz Stone and Evan Williams said yesterday in front of an audience at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club that they hoped that their social networking service would eventually reach more than 1 billion users. Even today, more than 1.8 million people join the service on average, per week. That is more than the population of Stone’s home state of Nebraska. The company said that they were confident that they would one day reach one billion users, but did not put a date on when they would like to achieve that goal.

They also discussed the recent redesign of the platform. They said that they were pleasantly surprised with the way that the new design was received, as they did not receive any major backlash over the redesign. Facebook has redesigned itself on several occasions, and each time there is a huge backlash from the user base, with many calling for the company to bring the old design back.

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