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Facebook Hacker Arrested in Britain »

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It wasn’t long for the long arm of the law to start busting these hackers that have been running amok all over the web and now in Britain a Facebook hacker has been arrested and is about to extradited to the US.

The mere idea of the fate awaiting this hacker is too chilling to comprehend.

It was a tip from the US’ FBI that led British authorities to nail the 26 year old hacker. It was the legendary Scotland Yard and its e-crime unit that followed through after a lengthy investigation.

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China New US Enemy In Cyber War »

China has now turned into the official Soviet Union Lite as it has taken up the mantle of shifting responsibility for everything to someone else as long as it’s bad news.

The Chinese military, much like the days of the Cold War, are blaming the US of some sort of global plan of internet domination and hacking and whatever. Of course China is saying this when it was found out that their military were responsible for hacking into Gmail accounts of top military people in the US.

This is the type of propaganda that the former Soviet Union used to get into with the US. China is now saying that the US is using a cyber war to unsettle the Islamic countries.

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Embedding YouTube Videos Could Be A Crime »

The US Senate has a bill 978 that expands or amends the present criminal copyright laws for people who embed videos such as from YouTube.

It all depends on if the video itself infringes on someone else’s copyright. That means if you embed any video that turns out to be copyrighted by someone else you could be facing up to five years in jail and a fine.

100s of millions of people embed videos from video sites. That’s how the video sites get so much traffic. From videos of puppies playing with babies to major news and sporting events. This new amendment would abolish that practice altogether by adding a pall of possible criminal prosecution if the video belongs to someone else.

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10 Facebook Facts And You »

An entertaining survey about Facebook came out last week and the findings are sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

Some of the interesting results say that over half of Americans think it’s irresponsible to ‘friend’ your boss, meaning to add your boss to the list of friends you associate with on Facebook. In addition it was found that 62% felt it was wrong for a boss or manger to befriend an employee.

Other startling findings by the study are that information about sex is shared 90% more than the average post. Also, Facebook relationships are happier than single people relationships.

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Lockheed Martin Hacking Problem »

Hackers again have wreaked havoc as it’s reported they’ve broken into none other than the top secret Lockheed Martin that is the manufacturer of US military weapons.

This is something so serious that national security could have been compromised.

They not only hacked Lockheed Martin but also into the realms of several other US military contractors. The hackers apparently did this by duplicating SecurID electronic keys from EMC Corp’s RSA security division.

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Howard Stringer Sony Hackers Drama »

The inside story of Sony Corp’s war with hackers is coming out and it looks like the war is nowhere near over.

It is now known that Sony had been under threats and attacks for years. They’ve been the target of the group Anonymous, a loose group of terrorist hackers that have been wreaking havoc against corporations, governments, and religions.

Anonymous is apparently angry with Sony for not allowing people to tinker with their popular PlayStation 3 console.

Someone hacked Sony three times in 2008.

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