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Apple Macs Scareware Attacks Problem »

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It was bound to happen.

Now Apple users are facing a growing attack of scareware that has been a constant plague to Windows users.

The new attacks tell Apple users that their software has been infected and that they need to input personal information like credit card data. The crooks then use the information for further criminal acts.

Apple users had long been spared these attacks as Windows users were the primary target due to the software’s popularity, but now that Apple has eclipsed Microsoft in revenue and is continuing to grow, criminals are looking at a golden opportunity launch their efforts against the Apple community.

The same tactics the scammers use on on Microsoft they’re using on Apple.

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Facebook Depression Phenomenon »

It was bound to happen that a psychological disorder would be assigned to Facebook users. In this case it’s assigned to teens who obsess over the social networking phenomenon.

It’s the American Academy of Pediatrics that puts out this cautionary tome saying that teens might basically be overwhelmed with data regarding the amount of friend requests, peer pressure, status updates, and the association of seeing others happy and cheerful when the teen viewing the info might not.

These comparisons the teenagers make are natural and would occur had there been a Facebook or not.

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8 More Domains Seized By FBI »

The US has had the Department of Homeland Security continue it’s march to apprehend pirates on the web by taking over eight more website domains bringing to 128 domains that have been confiscated by the feds under their anti-piracy crusade.

The seizures of these properties are being done just like any other property with court orders and due process. They just don’t barge in there and take a domain based on rumor or innuendo. The effect of the program has criminals on the run all over the world.

The program is called “Operation In Our Sites” and has put a major crimp in the style of bootleggers and intellectual property pirates all over.

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Apple Cloud Music Service Near »

Amazon Inc and Google had better step up their goals to have a comprehensive cloud based music streaming service because it’s reported that Apple Inc is about to close their deals with the big music companies and launch their own cloud based service.

The streaming service is basically where customers can access their MP3s and music that is stored online for free. This way they can just access their stored music and enjoy it from any computer or hand held like an iPhone or iPad.

Apple Inc got Warner Music Group Corp, EMI Group, Sony Music Entertainment and several more lined up to accommodate music lovers.

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Sony Sites Face More Security Issues »

Sony is in even more trouble as another hacking attack has hit the company.

After a month long battle with hackers that had brought the Sony Playstation network to it’s knees, Sony rallied it’s forces to get the network back online but not after 77 million users felt the brunt of the attack.

Personal information and credit card information had been compromised and utter chaos ensued with businesses that produced support for the network such as sales of hardware, software, services and more.

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Facebook Eyes China »

Facebook is on the march in China as the social networking company is looking at ways to expand and dominate.

It was at the Global Technology Summit that the news was spread out by Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg who took the time to let Reuters know what was going on.

Added to that excitement is that word about Facebook’s plans of going public were also discussed. Linkedin the other social media network has stocks out and people are gobbling it up, however, Facebook hasn’t gone public yet and when they do it will be a tsunami for the stock market.

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