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Facebook Subscribe To New User Feature »

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Facebook Subscribe To New User Feature – We all know that Facebook, along with Twitter are one of the most popular social networking websites around at the moment. As well as this, we are no strangers to all of the new features that are being tested out by the website. We have seen many new features come and go, and Facebook have decided to test another one out. The new feature that they are currently testing is the “subscribe to”. This new feature will allow users to subscribe to specific friends so that they can receive notifications whenever that particular friend updates any part of their profile.

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Buckyball 25th Anniversary: Buckyball Google Doodle »

Buckyball 25th Anniversary: Buckyball Google Doodle – Over the years there have been many great Google Doodles.We’ve seen themed ones for holidays, and even The Large Hadron Coliider. Yesterday, Google users were greeted with a new Google Doodle, the Buckyball. The Bucky Ball was first discovered in 1985, and Google decided to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of that discovery with a new interactive Google doodle for Google users.

The Bucky Ball was named after Richard Buckminster Fuller.As mentioned above, it is not every day that there is a new Google Doodle. There are very few occasions that require a Google Doodle, but the majority of us would love to see more! They are always interesting, and many of us eagerly await the day when we know that there will be a new one for us to see.

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Toshiba Computer Recall 2010: Satellite T125,T135D,ProT 130 Computers »

Toshiba Computer Recall 2010: Burn Risk For Satellite T125,T135D,ProT 130 Computers – Toshiba has recalled around 41,000 of their notebook computers, citing overheating and fire concerns. The models that are involved in the recall include the Satellite T125, Satellite T135D and Satellite ProT 130. Individuals who own the computer have been asked to update to the latest version of their BIOS. The program will then detect whether or not the computer is posing an overheating risk, and will switch off the external power and shut down the computer.

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Craigslist Censored: Craigslist Adult Section – Services Removed »

Craigslist Censored: Craigslist Adult Section – Services Removed – Craigslist has finally caved into the pressure and has censored their highly trafficked adult services section. The adult services section of the site was well known for prostitution ads, and the move was made in an effort to put an end to that. A number of different organizations have been calling for this move for quite some time, most notably after the arrest of the “Craigslist Killer,” who used the service to pick up girls and then murder them.

The website has been accused of promoting prostitution in the past but has made every effort to ensure that the ads are quickly removed from their website. This is the first time that they have gone as far as to sensor the ads.

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Wachovia Online Banking Update »

Wachovia Online Banking Update – The Wachovia Online Banking system has continued to serve loyal customers, and help them to pay bills and balance their finances. Since it was first released, it has undergone a number of changes that have made usage of the system much more simple. It allows customers to stay up to date on their account information, and keep a close eye on their finances in between the mailed paper reports.
The bank is now allowing customers to decline paper reports in an effort to save money and the planet. In fact, some banking institutions have started to charge customers who do not opt to use their online banking portals to manage their finances.

Continue reading "Wachovia Online Banking Update" Webmail Login Glitch » Webmail Login Glitch – Users of the webmail have been experiencing problems with the login system throughout the day. The webmail, which is run by Cox Communications has not allowed users to login, and has given them errors when they attempt to do so. The company released a statement saying that they were working on fixing the issue throughout the day and were hoping that the errors would disappear soon.

Cox Communications is a company that has provided cable television and telecommunications services in the United States since they first opened. Today the company is the third largest cable television provider in the United States, providing television to more than 6 million customers.

Cox Communications moved into the television industry for the first time in 1962. They quickly spread their services throughout the country including California, Oregon and Washington.
In 2004, Cox Enterprises announced that they would be purchasing the remaining shares of Cox Communications that they did not already own, officially announcing their intentions to privatize the company.

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