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Sony New Security Flaw »

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It didn’t take Sony long to find another problem to deal with.

The company that had been battling a month long shut down of their popular PlayStation network due to an historic hacker attack has had to shut down the website they put up that was helping customers of their network.

Sony’s PlayStation network had been home to almost 100 million users worldwide and was down for the count for almost a month as hackers had had their way with it.

Sony was criticized for not alerting the public to the problem fast enough nor alerting the public to the fact that some of their personal information might have been compromised.

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Sony PlayStation On Hacker Response »

Their PlayStation may be back up and running and so is their arrogance as it’s reported that SONY Corp’s CEO Howard Stringer isn’t sorry about the way the company handled the hacking attack on their popular network that serves close to 100 million people.

A few weeks ago Sony’s other top bosses bowed in apology to the public for the hacker attack and their delays in informing the public about the attack and their loss of customers’ personal data.

Customers and users were furious beyond words at the delays and side stepping by Sony and now their CEO is firing back at the critics.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets Recall 2011 »

It’s reported that the company Research In Motion Ltd recalled around 1,000 of its Playbook tablets.

Apparently the tablets have a flaw in the operating system’s operation system build that is a potential problem. The potential problems would happen during initial start up and that isn’t good. that makes the Blackberry said the overall majority of the tablets had yet to reach the customers so recalling won’t be that difficult. They’re trying to work out replacing the tablets with the problems.

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Microsoft Skype Takeover »

Bill Gates admitted that he advocated Microsoft’s recent takeover of Skype.

For those of you who haven’t used the video chat software, Skype allows users to communicate as if on the phone and see each other at the same time. Different users can connect using pin ID’s. The program is not particularly unique, but much more accessible and contains a much easier-to-use format than normal video chat programs.

With Apple’s rising popularity, it seems that this was undoubtedly a move to compete or bring the ball back on Microsoft’s court. Skype has been a great feature of the growingly popular iPhone, which has hit the market with full force especially with the release of the latest model.

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Winklevoss Twins Lost Again »

Winklevoss twins have lost again in their attempts at recompense from Facebook Inc and founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The twins, Cameron and Tyler didn’t succeed in convincing the judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco to reconsider the April 11th decision that upheld a $65 million cash and stock settlement both had reached with Facebook in their 2008 case.

The twins’ appeal was founded on what they said was an unfair advantage Facebook had as the company had withheld information from them in regard to the case.

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Vitaly Borker Online Thug »

A Brooklyn, NY man named Vitaly Borker is apologizing for his actions online as he’s plead guilty to wire fraud, mail fraud, and two counts of sending threatening communications.

Borker owned a sunglasses website that sold the products to people online. When people would complain about the products and services he would then send out threatening emails to them in hopes the feedback would boost his Google search engine rankings.

This worked but then when Google got complaints from customers the tide turned against Borker and he then found himself sitting in jail and is now awaiting sentencing of up to six years for his idiocy.

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