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Paul Shin Devine Apple Manager Busted For Selling Secrets »

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Paul Shin Devine Apple Manager Busted For Selling Secrets – A manager of global sourcing for Apple was arrested Friday after he allegedly sold information to manufacturing companies in Asia.

Paul Shin Devine has been accused of committing wire fraud, money laundering and illegal monetary transactions, reported the Wall Street Journal.

According to the indictment, Devine had provided confidential information to companies in South Korea and Singapore, which would have been able to enjoy an advantage when negotiating contracts with Apple. Mr. Devine had received more than $1 million in return.

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The site was created by Nick for the fans of SpongeBob SquarePants to have, enjoy mazes and interact with one another while having the adventure of a lifetime.The great news is that Monster Island Game is free for online users all over the world.

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Slick Deals Website Down: Server Problems »

Slick Deals Website Down: Server Problems – Back in 1999, yes 1999 a very neat website called was created. As stated above is a nice website that permits users to share promotional codes, great bargains on various products like games, computers etc.. in order to help others shoppers make wiser decisions.
Earlier in the day Slickdeals went out of service down with the following message posted : “We are in the process of moving our servers.

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Samsung Cetus Windows 7 Phone »

Samsung Cetus Windows 7 Phone – A prototype for an upcoming Samsung Windows 7 mobile phone recently made its way online. It is not surprising that a prototype of the phone running the new Windows 7 software has been spotted. Details on the device are scarce, but it looks great, and the operating system looks as though it will be very easy to navigate, and it will take a page out of the iPhone handbook by giving the users bigger, easier to read icons that will allow them to navigate all of the apps through their phone seamlessly.

Engadget recently suggested that the phone is not the AT&T bound Cetus, which has been suggested by a number of online media publications. The usual features are present on the phone, but the picture of the phone also shows an “Xbox Live” button which has piqued the interest of many gamers.

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Oracle Google Lawsuit Was Planned »

Oracle Google Lawsuit Was Planned – It probably won’t surprise anyone, but it is especially not surprising by those within the technology industry: Oracle was lead in their acquisition of Sun in a possible lawsuit against Google, which they have now filed.

“During the integration meetings between Sun and Oracle where we were being grilled about the patent situation between Sun and Google, we could see the Oracle lawyer’s eyes sparkle,” Java creator and former Sun employee James Gosling says.

This is not the first time the accusation has come up since Oracle sued Google for infringement based on the use of Sun’s Java with their Android software, and it was likely a rather unethical selling point when Sun offered the deal.

Google has called the lawsuit “baseless”, a term that has been echoed by many who see Java as a public software that has created a staple in Internet media technology.

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Google PayPal for Payment Service Deal? »

Google PayPal for Payment Service Deal? – There have been rumors circulating for the last several weeks about a possible plan between online banking systems and smartphones to create the first ever full mobile payment service in the United States. The only question was who would get there first.

Now, we might have an answer, as reports are coming out that say that PayPal is in talks with Google about adding the service to their Android phones.

Ebay’s PayPal is arguably the largest and most widely used payment service online. Not only does it allow for transfers in and out of banking accounts, but their debit cards and credit cards have created a fully functional banking branch on the web.

Adding PayPal to Android phone would have an impact on both regular consumers, and those who make Google apps, making it easier than ever to be paid and send payments.

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