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Sony Network Not Secure Yet »

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With tens of millions of users and subscribers still in the dark, Sony Corp’s PlayStation network is still on the blink after weeks of a hacker attack.

At first Sony was negligent in informing the public of what had happened until almost a week after the attacks.

Then they delayed and delayed divulging how serious the attack was and whether subscribers’ personal data had been compromised.

This has led to lawsuits and public embarrassment and a potential monster drop in income for Sony as it has been doing damage control inside and outside the company.

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Microsoft, Skype Deal Risks »

Microsoft’s acquisition of the monster sized Skype network may well boost the video conferencing industry but not without it’s casualties.

Companies like Plycom and Logitech may fall victim to this buyout as the industry could be edged out toward the downfall of the smaller companies.

It’s all about the size. Microsoft and Skype are enormous. Skype having over a billion users alone means a team up with Microsoft will surely put a cramp in the style of the other competitors. The features that Skype has and that other video conferencing software systems has is similar and the only way the smaller guys are going to compete is by offering options the others don’t.

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Google Broke Competition Laws »

Google is at the battlefront again as the US Justice Department is investigating whether Google has been fixing it’s search results in their favor.

If Google is found guilty of such a practice they might have to fork over $500 million for breaching competition laws. Something is up at Google as they felt it necessary to set aside the $500 million in case of a settlement.

That smells like Google realized it got busted and is ready to dish out the dough to settle things but the ramifications could be devastating.

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Twitter Injunction Claims »

British privacy laws in the media are in turmoil as a Twitter user published the names of celebrities it’s reported had asked their personal information not be released.

The celebs had ordered injunctions to prevent their personal information from being disclosed and the mainstream media is forbidden from publishing such actions but the web is different and the Twitter user who published the data is immune.

These super-injunctions as they’re called are used by celebs to squash information they don’t want others to know about such as personal scandals.

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Google Online Music Service? »

Google is pouring on the innovation as it’s rumored the search engine giant will be adding a new music service today.

Google it appears is taking a lead from Amazon that launched a music service of it’s own recently where people can upload their music to their servers as a storage device and play their tunes at their leisure via a web browser.

It’s sort of like Cloud Computing but in the sense of it’s music instead. The basics are that the stored music would be on a spare hard drive. Amazon’s service lets you store the music but not download.

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Apple, Google Facing Lawmakers Over Privacy »

The controversy regarding the use of tracking data of users of it’s iPhones and Smartphones has Google and Apple in the sights of lawmakers who are concerned about privacy issues.

The companies that gather data from users say they need the data for various reasons and that has them salivating at the prospect of what such gleaned information can yield, however, the government is thinking otherwise.

The companies say they primarily need the data so they can target users with the right advertising thus tweaking their advertising targets for greater efficiency.

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