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Windows Phone 7 : Microsoft Mobile Smartphone »

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Windows Phone 7 : Microsoft Mobile Smartphone – So far, Microsoft has been unable to establish a position in the smart phone industry. Now, with the release of Windows Phone 7, they are looking to take the leap. The operating system was recently exposed to customers via a prototype device that will never be mass-produced, and the reviews for the operating system were great.
But, is the system good enough to help Microsoft move ahead in the market? With the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android operating systems already in full swing, have they struck gold after the gold rush has come to an end? Microsoft has seen their share of the smartphone market fade away; prompting the company to stop production of their Kin smartphone just two months after the phone went on sale, electing to focus on the Windows Phone 7.

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Groupon and Local Advertising Business »

Groupon and Local Advertising Business – Sites like Groupon and Yelp are leading the way in local advertising, and many businesses have turned to them for their local advertising needs. Most of the businesses that employ them are local shops and businesses that are looking for a way to create a presence online, but lack the knowledge to do so efficiently themselves.
Groupon offers customers in specific areas a number of discounts for local businesses. This growth is likely due to the fact that business owners understand their businesses have a limited understanding of advertising on the Internet. Employing larger sites to handle your online advertising can be very beneficial to business owners who are not aware of how to stay ahead of the latest internet marketing trends.

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Google Metaweb Acquisition »

Google Metaweb Acquisition – Google is known to prepare themselves for the future, and that is exactly what they have done with the acquisition of Metaweb Technologies. The five year old San Francisco startup maintains a huge open database of details of all sorts. They are attempting to build a “smarter, more connected internet.”
Google’s acquisition of the company shows that Google is still dedicated to helping individuals search the internet. The database the company maintains, which has been named “Free Base,” is a special kind of semantic search.

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Google Nexus One Hitting Big »

Google Nexus One Hitting Big – Would you consider the Google Nexus One to be a success? Once they are completely sold out of the phone, Google has announced that they will be closing their web store, and will end their attempts to enter the phone market. The company had been attempting to weaken the control that wireless carriers have over the distribution of mobile phones. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the company will stop making phones altogether, it just means that they will not be selling them themselves anymore.

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Free iPhone 4 Case:iPhone 4 Press Conference »

Free iPhone 4 Case:iPhone 4 Press Conference – Speculation and rumors have been making their way onto the internet as to what Apple may have in store during the press conference they held today.Despite a lot of speculation on the subject, the company will not be recalling any of their iPhone 4’s. After a terrible review from the Consumer Reports, in which they did not recommend the phone to consumers amid reception issues, Apple was looking to fix the problem.
Instead of recalling the phones, they will be offering “bumpers” and cases to users, which will reportedly put an end to the reception issues. Reportedly, when the phone is held in the left hand, you put your hand over the antenna, which blocks coverage.

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Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday »

Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday – Apple announced today that they will be addressing the problems with their iPhone 4 on Friday. The company has received a number of bad reviews after some design flaws with the phone were found to seriously limit reception. The problem certainly does not help, as AT&T is already known for dropped calls. The company said that they will be addressing the reception issues on Friday. The event will be held at 10 AM at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. As of now, the company has declined to comment any further on the matter or give any hint as to what their solution to the problem may be.

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