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Paper Phone: Roel Vertegaal Smartphone Prototype »

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Another breakthrough in computing comes from inventor Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Kingston, Ontario.

This breakthrough is basically a paper like computing system, like a paper phone that can do everything a smart phone can do! It can be used to phone people, read and surf the internet and more.

The device can play music, text, and is power efficient at that.

The new device will be presented at the the Association of Computing Machinery’s Computer Human Interaction 2011 Conference in Vancouver next Tuesday.

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Apple Chinese Workers Drama »

China may be the world’s fastest growing economy but they’ve never won Brownie points in regards to human rights and now news comes out that Apple Inc. who has manufacturing done in China has their factories being investigated for unfavorable working conditions for the Chinese workers.

This isn’t the first time China has been accused of abusing it’s workers. It would be newsworthy if a story came out that there were people working in China that had nice working conditions.

The Chinese government doesn’t care about international conflicts and arguments. They’re concerned only with meeting their agendas and have no one who is willing to stand up to them.

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Microsoft Profits Surpassed By Apple »

Microsoft is on the defensive now that they company says that sales of their Windows software had slumped during the last quarter and they’re blaming the iPad for the drop.

It’s the first time in 20 ears that Microsoft has shown a smaller quarterly profit than Apple Inc.

The sale of laptops has slowed since the iPad came onto the market. Microsoft’s Windows division fell to 4.4 percent to $4.45 billion missing the $4.6 billion target they hoped for. In addition, Apple snagged a $5.99 billion net income versus Microsoft’s $5.23 billion.

There were some good indicators for Microsoft considering their office based software but it’s clear that the iPad is putting a major dent in their sales and as these tablet computers gain more ground with more convenience and lower costs, the public is going to get more accustomed to them. Apple’s iPhone and iPad are the two threats to Microsoft and it’s because the iPad and iPhone are easy to use, easy to carry, and costs aren’t that expensive.

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Facebook Investors Leaving? »

Look out Wall Street!

A report says that some Facebook shareholders are looking at offloading $1 billion worth of their shares on the secondary market that could bring the value of the company to $70 billion.

Some of the investors figure that Facebook couldn’t possibly grow to the level that it’s valued at and that is why they’re looking to cash in early. They tried to offload their shares when the company was valued at $90 billion which put Facebook past Time Warner Inc and News Corp combined.

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Spaceport $200K Flights »

In the old days people predicted that by the year 2000 AD that Americans would be living and doing business in outer space with ease.

Well, that’s a way off the mark prediction but with the new Virgin Galactic sub orbital tourist business about to launch by 2013 it’s getting closer.
The company is so far charging $200,000 per person for a two hour flight into outer space.

They’re doing more test runs and are taking deposits right now.

Hundreds of people have put down deposits and when the venture goes full bloom will we see a fleet of these spacecraft taking off and landing like some outer space Grand Central Station.

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Facebook Used To Get Criminals »

Here’s another situation that might make Facebook and other social networking fans want to change things around as it’s been learned that federal investigators in Detroit, Michigan have actually obtained search warrants to access the Facebook accounts of people they suspect as criminals.

The warrants let the feds see everything on a person’s Facebook page including all personal data, GPS locations, friends, phone numbers, and more.

This latest move by the authorities is raising eyebrows and concerns regarding privacy issues.

Since this is new territory that has come into conflict with civil libertarian advocates. The authorities have raided social networking accounts before and with much success as criminals have been apprehended and put away.

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