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Pandora Faces U.S. Privacy Investigation

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Here comes the US Government to the rescue as they have launched a federal investigation into the security and privacy lapses in apps that go with Apple and Google smartphones.

So far Pandora Media got the bad news that they had been subpoenaed regarding the investigation but they are not the primary target.

The investigation appears to be expansive and is touching every part of the apps industry and for good reason.

Apps are relatively new and with any new technology there will be some who will use it for ill-gotten gains.

This puts pressure on authorities to expand their knowledge and abilities to police real and potential dangers that affect the public.

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Companies that allow apps should realize as well that they have a responsibility to protect their users against such illegal uses of the software.

And that means that with reported grand jury actions going on and should the jury find enough evidence to hold companies responsible in some manner, some big changes are headed our way.

The good news is at least the US government is on the job.

It’s tough to police high tech stuff and to get jurors who are savvy about technology who are also impartial seeing as just about everyone has stock in these tech companies.

This is real cyber policing going on that in the short and long term will be a benefit to all involved.

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