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Paper Phone: Roel Vertegaal Smartphone Prototype

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Another breakthrough in computing comes from inventor Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Kingston, Ontario.

This breakthrough is basically a paper like computing system, like a paper phone that can do everything a smart phone can do! It can be used to phone people, read and surf the internet and more.

The device can play music, text, and is power efficient at that.

The new device will be presented at the the Association of Computing Machinery’s Computer Human Interaction 2011 Conference in Vancouver next Tuesday.

The display of area of the paper phone is 9.5cm diagonal.

The possible applications for this technology are astounding to say the least.

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No more bulky computers to lug around or costly damage costs.

A thin and durable film that is flexible enough to fit and work in a pocket.

This technology could be soon incorporated on the lightest of objects lessening the costs of materials and adding to the portable convenience.

The display however isn’t high definition yet but there are technologies in the works that could change that overnight.

Imagine a phone that costs pennies on the dollar but with the power to do what your smartphones can do now?

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