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Paul Ceglia Facebook Lawsuit:Mark Zuckerberg Signed Contract?

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Paul Ceglia Facebook Lawsuit:Mark Zuckerberg Signed Contract? – Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that he never signed over 84 percent of his social networking site, Facebook. As the CEO of the company, he denied claims that were made by one man, Paul Ceglia, that Zuckerberg had signed over a significant portion of the website to the man.
“If we said that we were unsure, that was likely taken out of context, because I think we were quite sure that we did not sign a contract that says they have any right to ownership over Facebook,” Zuckerberg said.
It made for a good story, and an interesting twist of fate, but it does not appear that Zuckerberg believes that there is any truth to the claims that were made by the man. The contract stated that he had to hand over 50 percent of Facebook for $1,000, and included a clause that said for every day past January 1, 2004, that the site was not live; he would receive an additional percent.

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The contract itself sounds awkward. One Facebook lawyer told a judge that she was “unsure” about whether or not the document was real. The 26 year old CEO quickly stepped forward and said that he was not sure why the comment was made, but that he was confident he never signed the document.
Facebook has come under fire in recent months because some users believe the privacy on the site is not at the level that it should be. He addressed those issues recently, as he sat down to talk about the site reaching the 500 million users mark.
“We’ve made mistakes for sure,” Zuckerberg said. “I think they’re a lot better.”

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