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*Sponsored Links* Your Unclaimed Money – The Public Benefit Guaranty Corporation is able to help individuals find lost pension money that would have otherwise gone unclaimed. The site is not some elaborate scheme that will end up charging you a large amount of money, and they do not require any money to provide you with any of their services. is a government organization that works with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act from 1974. They are able to help individuals track down the money that they were supposed to receive through pensions and in retirement, and ensure that the individual is able to receive that money.

The site is able to match the information that you provide them with, with a large database of all of the outstanding funds that are currently owed to individuals around the country. The database only contains funds that are currently unclaimed. The PBGC only deals with money that is found in a variety of pension and retirement plans, and does not deal with funds that are from any other source.
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A common mistake by many is to assume that they have received all of the money that they are owed for retirement and pension plans. These plans often go unclaimed, and the money is left to rot until it is finally discovered. Many people assume that the pension money they were due to receive from a company that they worked for that went under was lost when the company went out of business. This is not true in all cases, and you may have a lump sum waiting for you if you have ever been involved in a similar situation.
Make sure that you ensure that you are talking with an agent from PBGC should you receive a call. While the website itself is not a scam in any form, several other illegal scams have popped up in recent months with individuals pretending to be a representative of the service, while only having intentions to fraud those they come into contact with.

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