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PBS Website Hacked

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Is nothing sacred anymore?

Now it’s learned that the PBS website has been hacked again. This is the second time in a month that the popular website that provides culture and educational programs has been hacked.

The hackers seemed to be more problematic than hostile and they got away with some administrative security data like passwords and and user names.

This is more like a nuisance hack than like one of the major hostile attacks on the Sony networks, IMF, CIA, FBI, Sega Network and more.

These attacks have crippled networks, caused billions of dollars in damage and ruined untold numbers of lives.

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To attack PBS though is pretty low. PBS brings people culture, the arts, and education instead of the knuckle-dragging drivel that the mainstream networks shove down the public’s throats. In a world full of people trying to kill each other at every possible opportunity it seems, you figure the bad guys could just leave a network that’s biggest fault is not showing the classic reruns of Sesame Street and The Electric Company children’s shows.

There should be a law and a special punishment for these hacker creeps who target peaceful websites and networks that seek to make lives better.

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