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PC Sales Slip In Japan

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The death of PC is predicted in Japan,again.Personal computer sales have been seriously declining ,leading to wonder if Japan will become the first major market to kill it.
Young Japaneses are more interested in spending their hard earn money on headphones, iPod Touch, Nintendo Co.’s ,Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles,digital camera and flat-screen TV.
A young man named Igarashi, who was shopping at a Bic Camera electronics shop in central Tokyo said:

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“A new PC just isn’t high on my priority list right now,”
“his three-year-old desktop was “good for now.”
“For the cost, I’d rather buy something else,”

Hitachi has already said that it is going to pull out of the home PC market.
Masahiro Katayama, research group head at market survey firm IDC explained that consumers aren’t impressed anymore with bigger hard drives or faster processors they are more into TVs.

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