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People of Walmart: Technical Glitch

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People of Walmart: Technical Glitch – is a site that has grown far beyond the owners original expectations in a short amount of time.
The site started when they were out shopping, and saw some people that were strangely dressed in Wal-Mart. You can’t really say it is a phenomenon, as strange individuals are commonplace in the biggest chain store in the world. They went home after taking a number of pictures, and started their website, never realizing that it would become as popular as it did.

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The store is also open 24 hours, which means that you will see some pretty shady characters in the store from time to time. In the age of digital cameras on your phones, it is easy to snap a picture of the strangest person that you see in one of their stores and instantly upload the picture to your phone.
The site grew much quicker than they had predicted, and the site soon started to experience traffic issues. Users would often receive error pages instead of having the main site load, because they went over their bandwidth limits. Where on earth would you find your spandex-and-leather wearing cowboys’ without
They soon figured out how to monetize their site, and were able to make the site pay its own bills through advertisements. They decided that the best idea was to keep the advertisements light, but the site has continued to grow at an abnormal rate, and the creators have actually seen some profits. Wal-Mart is likely not very happy with the site, but everyone can relate to seeing strange people at Wal-Mart.

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