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Polaroid Sunglasses Camera, Printer: Lady Gaga At CES

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After a year of initially being appointed the creative Director of Polaroid, Lady Gaga has something to present to both the company and the public: Grey Label by Haus of Gaga.

The new gadget that she has come up with consists of a pair of sunglasses that have a camera in them, displaying everything that they see with a mobile Polaroid camera as well as a photo printer.

Lady Gaga was recently at CES to promote the new device which she believes will be a revolutionary new way to look at the world and take pictures.
Gaga said that this device will be the first ever to protect your eyes from UV rays while still being able to take photos wherever you go.

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The “GL20 sunglasses” as they are called were revealed amid a storm of flashes in Los Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show which Gaga was clearly excited for.

Apparently the glasses will connect to a computer via USB to load all of the images that have been taken with it after being plugged in.

One of the other features of this device is a screen located in each lens which will be able to show the person with them on playback of what they have snapped as pictures.

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