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Protesters Swarm Grounds of Google HQ to Protest Net Neutrality

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Protesters Swarm Grounds of Google HQ to Protest Net Neutrality – Google’s suggestion of a two-tier Internet, offered up in a joint proposal with Verizon, has brought a great deal of criticism from consumers who believe in a free Internet free of corporate rule. More than 100 of those people have gathered outside of Google today, to speak out against their net neutrality plan.

In their proposal, they would effectively be creating two separate parts of the Internet, where certain traffic, such as is used by corporations, would be given priority, while other traffic, such as by consumers, would be given an inferior lane.

Think of it as a fast lane for anyone who makes a huge amount of money through a business, and a blocked traffic jam that inches forward in comparison for anyone else.

This is the latest in a fight for two tiers to the web, which began becoming heavily debated a few years ago, during the late Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) time as the congressional net regulator. You may remember his insane rant about Internet being a “series of tubes”.

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The fact that Google is now supporting the initiative, and in fact is proposing a total overhaul for everything but web traffic (of which themselves, Verizon, AT&T and other supporters would benefit) seems to show a real push for what was an argued, but unlikely scenario.

It was this that led the protesters to the California-based headquarters of Google today. It will be consumers effected by this measure, not businesses, who will only make more money. With any luck, the FCC will see it the same way, and protect the consumer, not the corporation.

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