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PS3 Hackers: Sony Goes After Them

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Sony got some disturbing news last week involving hackers that managed to gain access to the PlayStation 3, allowing them to load their own software onto the console.

One of the band of hackers from “fail0verflow” nicknamed pytey who allegedly committed the crime said that there is absolutely no recovering from the recent hack job that was done.
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He added that someone is going to be getting in a lot of trouble at Sony for the recent breach which occurred because of the irreversible damage that has been done to the system.

Fail0overflow added that he developed the hack so he could create software written by the community on put into the PlayStation 3, essentially a high-powered computer that plays video games.

Several lawsuits were filed against members of the fail0verflow team, namely George Hotz who is a famous American hacker who has done many impressive jobs in the past involving this type of illegal work, publishing multiple details of the PS3 system jailbreak on his blog.

Sony’s lawyers are saying that the team has circumvented important protection measures that were put in place for a reason and that they have broken the law in doing so and committed a serious crime.

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